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Forked from stevan/Moose Hackathon
Created June 23, 2009 09:00
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Moose Hackathon Agenda

This is a list of topics/ideas/wishes/dreams that we will discuss during the Moose hackathon at YAPC::NA this year. They are in no particular order, nor does inclusion of this list imply any type of endorsement of the idea, these are just ideas, so please feel free to add yours in.

  • Traits/Roles in Class::MOP
    • A low-level trait/role type primitive
  • removing Test::Exception from Moose/MOP
    • adding simplified lives_ok/dies_ok to Test::Moose
  • merging C::MOP and Moose
  • Antlers & MooseX::Compile
  • merging MooseX modules into Moose core
    • MooseX::AttributeHelpers
    • MooseX::Traits
    • MooseX::Types (and removing string TCs from cookbooks)
  • making Moose::Meta:: constructors strict
  • elevate roles attributes to be first class
    • make attribute methods exist in a role so 'requires' works
    • figure out the details for requires_attr
  • Making attributes into role-like things (so they can be composed into the class)
  • Removing or renaming ->meta (how to declare it, etc)
  • Figure out how "use Moose -strict" might work and what to be strict on
  • Discussion about how to evolve Type Constraints.
    • Should Type Constraints be separated into it's own distribution?
    • How to fix common problem such deep error messaging
    • How to handle some advanced features such as Dependent and Faceted types.
    • Should Coercions have their own libaries?
    • Review proposals for an Advanced "MooseX::Type::Declare" syntax
  • Revive the discussion about Moose auto generated docs
    • can rjbs's recent POD stuff help
    • come up with a basic (possibly POD agnostic) format
  • GoKarts
  • Set yuval's hair on fire.
  • Obtain silly hats (Moose antlers, Viking helmet, etc), drink beer, goof off.
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