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@mono0926 mono0926/batch_delete.ts
Last active Dec 12, 2018

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// See:
export async function deleteCollection(collectionRef: CollectionReference, batchSize: number = 500) {
const firestore = admin.firestore();
const query = collectionRef.orderBy('__name__').limit(batchSize);
await deleteQueryBatch(firestore, query, batchSize);
async function deleteQueryBatch(firestore: FirebaseFirestore.Firestore, query: Query, batchSize: number): Promise<void> {
const snapshot = await query.get();
// When there are no documents left, we are done
if (snapshot.size === 0) {
// Delete documents in a batch
const results = await execute(async (batch) => { => {
console.log(`deleted count: ${results.length}`);
return await deleteQueryBatch(firestore, query, batchSize);
export async function execute(f: (batch: WriteBatch) => Promise<void>): Promise<WriteResult[]> {
const batch = admin.firestore().batch();
await f(batch);
return await batch.commit();
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