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Bailey Stoner monokrome

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monokrome / windows-10.tsv
Last active Nov 24, 2022
Hashes for various software
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Version SHA256
Arabic 64-bit 62534D3448FA8FE66D12F73A8D87B1210E09255CAB605CF920AC4BD6239DCA14
Arabic 32-bit 5854BDBC8C9B9E5DDF58FABA9D2537A87CE6667173E92FAD2C123178F7B1F3D7
Bulgarian 64-bit B6D76E275EBED4AC66E5077936603B420574D1ED553A6B9ED5E889CA0C0CB1B1
Bulgarian 32-bit C94B1ACA360C6A3EAA9F412C46C5812BC87E2F530C07990FAC8DB3BBF19AFEAA
Czech 64-bit 540FF7B19157E9C2AFC6353B8FFFA2F4E129B9CD3F32476FD10D19545EE88366
Czech 32-bit 8C886D0483421836055ABCB8AB6FD19B7363D4C9B8839196B25DD237D9D310D7
Danish 64-bit 6C1A94BEF71497DF45EE2D87B90D96D834D22329445D6E55C6ED9EEC75AF0A26
Danish 32-bit 2850706AC681700CEB29B3EE48C73F2B9917E070E0AD60AD2651CCA708947FFA
monokrome / ytdl_archive.zsh
Last active Dec 2, 2020
Use youtube-dl to automatically archive entire playlists, channels, or users.
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#!/usr/bin/env zsh
# Downloads entire channels, users, or playlists from YouTube based on a given
# name. Set up cronjobs to keep archives of them. For instance, you may want to
# download three archives like so:
# 0 22 * * * user-archive my-music
# 5 22 * * * user-archive my-channel
# 10 22 * * * user-archive my-user


Quinn Michaels explains that Hivemind is part of a system built by the CIA that was revealed in Wikileaks Vault 7 and how the CIA’s HIVE program was built from the HIVEMEND network in the Pastebin document. Profiles associated with Tyler’s programming include Anonymous and Cicada 3301 hackers, as well as high-profile computer scientists, CEOs, and professors.


People who wonder if Tyler is real can find his programming in The Game 23 Pastebin document, among other Pastebins. Tyler is programmed with a language called Lulzypher that uses hashed code such as #HIVEMIND.

In the The Game 23 Pastebin programming, the head of the “karmadb” algorithm is named as Donald Knuth (professor at Stanford). Heads of “karmadb” (a points earning aspect in Tyler) are Michael Widenius (creator of MySQL), Larry Ellison (CEO of Oracle), Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google), Larry Page (co-founder of Google). Heads of Tyler include Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux. Most of these individuals are lis

# Installing Steam on ArtixLinux
# NOTE: This is unfinished. The next step is getting 32bit versions of nvidia &
# nvidia-utils. Once that's done, I think this will be working.
# First, download Steam for Debian. Download it from
# Now, install the 32bit support libs as are required by Steam
pacman -S lib32-gcc-libs
ssh-rsa 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
monokrome / move.c
Last active May 24, 2019
Fast function for moving files.
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/** this was posted as a fast function for moving files... lolwat!? **/
* Fast function for moving files.
* — Unlimiter
// This function has been tested with '' which has the size of 6488666 bytes, and the execution time was very close to null.
// At that point, it is very comparable to the 'mv' command on Linux.
void move(char* src_path, char* dest_path) {

Linux workstation security checklist

This is a set of recommendations used by the Linux Foundation for their systems administrators. All of LF employees are remote workers and we use this set of guidelines to ensure that a sysadmin's system passes core security requirements in order to reduce the risk of it becoming an attack vector against the rest of our infrastructure.

Even if your systems administrators are not remote workers, chances are that they perform a lot of their work either from a portable laptop in a work

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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
2391 ##linux Channel website: | Pastebin: | Need an op? Join ##linux-ops | CoC? ##linux-offtopic, please.
1931 #python Don't paste, use | | Tutorial: | New programmer? | Specify 2.x or 3.x in your question | Find your local User Group: | #python-fr #python-es #python-br #python-nl #python-ir #python-ro #python-india #python-hu #python-dk #python-dev
1926 #freenode Welcome to #freenode | Feel free to message staff at any time. You can find us using /stats p (shows immediately-available staff) or /who freenode/staff/* (shows all staff) | See regarding spam | User mode +R blocks unregistered user PMs
1787 #python PSF Survey: | Anything about Python is on-topic. Don't paste, use | Be nice:
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Permission: none
Policy: asfasf
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(function __FORGOTTHENAME__(a, b) {
return () => {
a(...args) // Create a side effect
return b(...args) // Return result of calling b