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for page in range(1,101): # page from 1 to 100 (last page we can scrape is 100)
page = (page-1) * 10
url = "%s%s%s%d" % (base_url, sort_by, start_from, page) # get full url
target = Soup(urllib.urlopen(url), "lxml")
targetElements = target.findAll('div', attrs={'class' : ' row result'}) # we're interested in each row (= each job)
# trying to get each specific job information (such as company name, job title, urls, ...)
for elem in targetElements:
comp_name = elem.find('span', attrs={'itemprop':'name'}).getText().strip()
job_title = elem.find('a', attrs={'class':'turnstileLink'}).attrs['title']
home_url = ""
job_link = "%s%s" % (home_url,elem.find('a').get('href'))
job_addr = elem.find('span', attrs={'itemprop':'addressLocality'}).getText()
job_posted = elem.find('span', attrs={'class': 'date'}).getText()
comp_link_overall = elem.find('span', attrs={'itemprop':'name'}).find('a')
if comp_link_overall != None: # if company link exists, access it. Otherwise, skip.
comp_link_overall = "%s%s" % (home_url, comp_link_overall.attrs['href'])
else: comp_link_overall = None
# add a job info to our data frame
df = df.append({'comp_name': comp_name, 'job_title': job_title,
'job_link': job_link, 'job_posted': job_posted,
'overall_link': comp_link_overall, 'job_location': job_addr,
'overall_rating': None, 'wl_bal_rating': None,
'benefit_rating': None, 'jsecurity_rating': None,
'mgmt_rating': None, 'culture_rating': None
}, ignore_index=True)
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It looks like indeed sometimes change the number of white spaces in the ' row result', possibly to discourage scraping. To deal with this you could change

targetElements = target.findAll('div', attrs={'class' : ' row result'})


target_elements = target.findAll('div', attrs={'class': re.compile('\s*row\s*result\s*')})

To deal with arbitrary amounts of white space.

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ddhar3 commented Jun 6, 2017

Used the code to scrape Indeed, "print df" shows that the dataframe is empty.
Any help on this? Really hoped this code would work

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