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estimate future dash budget payout dates
D0=$(TZ=UTC date --date="$(date --date="2015-12-07T08:27:12+0000")");
for block in `seq 398784 16616 $((382168 + (16616*48)))`;
do DD=$(TZ=UTC date --date="$(date --date="$D0") +692 hours +20 minutes");
echo "$block - $DD";
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strophy commented Nov 30, 2017

I forked this and compared the predicted times against the blockchain timestamp and noticed a cumulative error of an average of 34.75 hours over time since the first superblock. I was able to adjust the interval to result in most predicted times falling well within 1 hour of the actual time, and a mean error since the first superblock of less than quarter of a second.

Correct values for this are +727 hours +5 minutes +2 seconds resulting in an average blocktime of 2.62548347 minutes - this matches with your correction the other day about time between superblocks being 30.29 days.

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