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(ns cljs_reagent_proj.core
[reagent.core :as r]
[cljsjs.react-vis :as rvis]))
(def chart-data [{:x 1 :y 1}
{:x 2 :y 2}
{:x 3 :y 4}
{:x 4 :y 5}
{:x 5 :y 4}
{:x 6 :y 6}
{:x 7 :y 8}
{:x 8 :y 6}
{:x 9 :y 5}
{:x 10 :y 5}])
;; Just a placeholder!
(defn line-chart [data]
(defn app-scaffold []
[line-chart chart-data]])
(defn render-app []
(r/render [app-scaffold]
(.getElementById js/document "app")))
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