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mooware /
Last active Dec 1, 2018
Script for the Pi Hut 3D Xmas Tree
from gpiozero import LEDBoard
from time import sleep
import random
tree = LEDBoard(*range(2, 28), pwm=True)
# first led is the top one in the star
tree[0].value = 0.6
leds = range(1, len(tree))
mooware /
Created Oct 13, 2017
Colorization for MSVC warnings and errors
import sys, re
COMPILE_PATTERN = re.compile(r'^.+\(\d+\) ?: (fatal )?(error|warning|note)( C\d+)?: .+$')
LINK_PATTERN = re.compile(r'^.+ : (fatal )?(error|warning) LNK\d+: .+$')
OTHER_PATTERN = re.compile(r'^.+ : (general |Command line )?(error|warning) \w+ ?: .+$')
class WinColorStream:
# wincon.h
mooware /
Last active Jul 18, 2017
Simple application to play streams through HTML5 video
# uses as web framework, livestreamer for getting the stream URL
# and hls.js to play the HLS stream in an HTML5 video tag
from bottle import *
from livestreamer import Livestreamer
import sys, re, json
if sys.version_info.major >= 3:
from urllib.request import urlopen
def u(s):
mooware / snake.ino
Created Jun 30, 2017
Snake for Arduino on a LED matrix
View snake.ino
// snake on a MAX7219 led matrix
// NOTE: assuming the chip and pins are on the left side of the led matrix,
// row = 0, col = 0 is at the upper left corner
#include <LedControl.h>
// we're using a membrane keypad as controller
#include <Keypad.h>
mooware / tiny_string.h
Created Sep 6, 2016
An experimental "very short string optimization"
View tiny_string.h
// a fun little experiment i came up with:
// similar to the classic "short string optimization", we could actually use
// the bytes of the pointer itself as the short string buffer.
// a "tagged pointer" is used to distinguish between the internal buffer
// and a heap-allocated string.
#include <cassert>
#include <cstdint>
#include <cstring>
mooware / measure.cpp
Created Mar 3, 2016
Similar to the "time" or "timeit" commands, for Windows.
View measure.cpp
#include <Windows.h>
#include <Psapi.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdint.h>
uint64_t fileTimeToUsec(const FILETIME &ft)
return ((uint64_t(ft.dwHighDateTime) << 32) | ft.dwLowDateTime) / 10;
mooware / print-exception-text.cpp
Created Feb 12, 2016
An example program to show that FormatMessage() cannot properly return the text for an exception code.
View print-exception-text.cpp
#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
HMODULE hMod = LoadLibrary("ntdll.dll");
char buf[1024];
DWORD id = 0xc0000005; // code for access violation
mooware / changeres.cpp
Last active Feb 14, 2016
Simple program to change the display resolution on Windows
View changeres.cpp
// prebuilt for VC14/VS2015 here:
#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <Windows.h>
int main(int argc, char **argv)
bool reset = false;
mooware / foo_up_down_mix_dsp.cpp
Created Oct 20, 2015
foobar2k channel mixer plugin to only play on a single of multiple channels
View foo_up_down_mix_dsp.cpp
// foobar2k plugin that mixes a multi-channel stream down to mono,
// and then up to multiple channels again, but with all channels but one empty.
// this can be used to play several different tracks simultaneously over a
// multi-channel audio output.
// pre-built version can be found here:
// to build locally, just add this source file into the SDK sample plugin.
mooware / cdb-show-dump.cmd
Last active Sep 5, 2016
print lots of windows minidump information with CDB
View cdb-show-dump.cmd
@echo off
:: used cdb commands:
:: !sym noisy -> prints verbose output when searching PDBs
:: .symopt+0x40 -> accept mismatching PDBs
:: .lines -e -> enable source file and line information
:: .kframes 100 -> set max number of display stack frames to 0x100
:: lmv -> list all loaded modules with version information
:: | -> show process status
:: !peb -> show process environment block (command line arguments, environment variables)
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