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Get Facebook public posts from a page. This requires facebook's php sdk, and a properly registered app.
function make_links($text, $class='', $target='_blank'){
return preg_replace('!((http\:\/\/|ftp\:\/\/|https\:\/\/)|www\.)([-a-zA-Zа-яА-Я0-9\~\!\@\#\$\%\^\&\*\(\)_\-\=\+\\\/\?\.\:\;\'\,]*)?!ism', '<a class="'.$class.'" href="//$3" target="'.$target.'">$1$3</a>', $text);
define("APP_ID", 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');
$config = array(
'appId' => APP_ID,
'secret' => APP_SECRET,
$api = new Facebook($config);
$posts = $api->api("/".PAGE_ID."/posts?limit=50");
//echo "<pre>"; print_r($posts); echo "</pre>";
foreach ($posts['data'] as $post){
$time_ar = explode("T",$post['updated_time']);
echo "<h3>{$time_ar[0]}</h3>";
if(isset($post['message']) && $post['message']) echo "<p>".make_links($post['message'])."</p>";
if(isset($post['story']) && $post['story']) echo "<p>".make_links($post['story'])."</p>";
if($i !== count($posts['data'])-1){
echo '<hr>';

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jefamorim commented Jun 4, 2017

Hi! Can I choose the a range of date for the shown posts?

Example: I want to show only from Oct 21, 2017 to Nov 21, 2017.

(I am newbie)


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NitramKamunyu commented Jul 14, 2017

Kindly Explain....

Have tried a number of this, but have hit the dead end.

( ! ) Fatal error: Class 'Facebook' not found in C:\wamp64\www\Facebook\facebook-2016.php on line 12
--1 | 0.0031 | 246440 | {main}( ) | ...\facebook-2016.php:0

line12: $api = new Facebook($config);


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deejay87 commented Jul 25, 2017

How did you use this code ? possible to have a full setup ?


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reducedhackers commented Sep 18, 2017

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