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Did anyone say drama?


Hello everyone. With Ceb drama getting so much traction, I decided to do what any rational person would do in this situation - download all public matches of all professional dota 2 players and then scan the all-chat for any racism or naughty naughty words, so the j͇͕͙ͣu͒͆s̼̠͍̖̮̳ͮ̃t̫̙̯͎ͬ̇̊̄iͨć̼͓ͬͨ͑ͣe͉̜̫̱̠̘̋̒ͅ can be upheld once and for all.

There are several nuances that stood in my way.

  1. Many professionals' pubs are kept private.
  2. Most of the trashtalk happens in ally chat, which isn't saved.
  3. Some of the trashtalk happens over mic... which again, isn't saved.
  4. Some of the trashtalk happens on smurf accounts, which I did not include here.
  5. Lots of horrible racism happens in non-English, making it hard to look for.
  • This is the reason I excluded Chinese from the search cause I don't speak a word of it.

  • You will see less trashtalk from any non-English speakers for that reason.

  1. Some of the horrible racism is misspelled, making it harder to detect.
  2. Downloading games of all the dota pros would take me about 2 weeks. By that time, this drama won't be as fresh.
  • That's why I downloaded the matches of the arguably most relevant teams - the ones going to Epicenter Major. And a few extras, I guess.
  1. Holy shit that's a lot of matches. Around ~120,000 matches were downloaded and cached, or about 25GB of data. And we're only 10% through the pro player list...
  • I have the entirety of chat for those matches. I could keep going and get the other 850 players, and even extract some of the more juicy trashtalk like "I hope you and your family get cancer"... but we'll save that for later.

My findings, without any particular order, are below. I tried to be as unbiased in my judgement as I could. This list focuses on the more race-oriented insults. As per the points above, this is but the tip of the iceberg, but it's something to behold.

Pick up your pitchforks and enjoy the ride.


I harbor absolutely no ill will towards any of the players. The point of this post is to, instead, exaggerate the pettiness and show how overblown the current drama is. My personal comment is at the very bottom.

Ninjas in Pyjamas


1788 games.

Just usual trashtalk. Nothing too big.


3813 games.

Other than that it's all "trash", "clown", "cancer", "moron", lots of that usual stuff, but nothing big.


1562 games

  • Match chat: 3777860340

    Saksa: end the fuicking game

    Saksa: sea mongоloids

  • Match chat: 3662085055

    Saksa: russian dogs

    Saksa: keep plaguing this server

  • Match chat: 3404649110

    Saksa: ye well ur carry isnt a total mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3036473431

    Saksa: god i hate russians so much


61 games.

Very few games, occasional salt flow, "morons", "retards", trashtalk - but nothing big.


No games available.



1443 games.

Very little trashtalk.


48 games.

Very few games, nothing interesting.


2531 games.

  • Match chat: 4388430015

    Boxi: u mongоloid

  • Match chat: 4103316915

    Boxi: im tired of having retard russian in my team

  • Match chat: 3757453608

    Boxi: i mean

    Boxi: playing with2 russian retards

    Boxi: nty

  • Match chat: 3475622057

    Boxi: my slark is a fucking mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3343961445

    Boxi: ur russian dog

  • Match chat: 3281962128

    Boxi: can trash russians

    Boxi: go play

    Boxi: russian server


3958 games.

  • Match chat: 3418383006


  • Match chat: 2694641241

    iNSaNia: sd is a jew

    iNSaNia: report him

Other than that, despite the large amount of games, it's mostly the usual "cancer"/"clowns" etc.


289 games.

  • Match chat: 3307022176

    Taiga: DOGS

    Bablodin_: )

    Taiga: My name is

    Taiga: Putin

    Taiga: I request

    Taiga: Not having russian in dotka

  • Match chat: 3306626748

    Taiga: Some ruski rage

    Taiga: xddd

    Taiga: hahahaha



    Taiga: DOG SHIT

Team Liquid


224 games.

Nothing special.


44 games.

Again, nothing.


160 games.

Calling people cancer/shit/trash, but nothing special.

gh 🌻

2613 games.

Man's an angel. Almost 3k games visible, the worst thing he said in all-chat is "drunk".


No visible pub games whatsoever.



2963 games.

It seems that Ana went through quite some dark times around 2016-2017.

  • Match chat: 2816939224

    ana: calm down niggеrs

  • Match chat: 2405668255

    ana: indians are loser

  • Match chat: 2354818637

    ana: you dumb сhink


    ana: сhink > foreigner

    ana: ye?

    ana: actually NOT

    ana: dumb chineses hit

  • Match chat: 2326867824

    ana: dumb china man

    ana: atleast indians can make good curyr

    ana: what about you?

    ana: what about hcina

  • Match chat: 2319368273

    ana: im a сhink manlet

  • Match chat: 2074500616

    ana: you dumb сhink


    ana: dumb ogok


    ana: dumb gooks b like


    ana: dumb gook wanna talk

  • Match chat: 2071412464

    ana: niggеr

Other than that, just a bunch of trashtalk/telling people to kill themselves.


2771 games.

  • Match chat: 3203490421

    Topson: cuz hes mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2341642249

    Topson: fucking russians dogs hope they die with cacner

    Topson: ifucking russain dogs i hope they die with cancer (repeated 8x)

Other than that just trashtalk.


4973 games. (!!)

  • Match chat: 4287819674

    Ceb: u fucking mongоloids

  • Match chat: 4022655563

    Ceb: this oracle mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3573199990

    Ceb: stunning me isnt gonna win u the game

    Ceb: Xd

    Ceb: mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3549371916

    Ceb: mongоloids

  • Match chat: 3216755481

    Ceb: gj u fucking mongоloids

  • Match chat: 3182303794

    Ceb: u fucking mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3161856192

    Ceb: u have to be

    Ceb: the biggest

    Anonymous: WAHT A PLAYER

    Ceb: mongоloid

    Ceb: i have ever seen blue

    Ceb: ur whole team is dying u fucking mongоloid

    Ceb: Stop chasing me

  • Match chat: 3161802648

    Ceb: mongоloids vs riki

  • Match chat: 3119472711

    Ceb: our three players

    Ceb: r mongоloids

  • Match chat: 3079397056

    Ceb: my team

    Ceb: is a bunch

    Ceb: of mongоloids

  • Match chat: 3030538235

    Ceb: kill urself

    Ceb: u fucking mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2969706495

    Ceb: this fucking mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2706834618

    Ceb: this player

    Ceb: is like

    Ceb: a mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2684906673

    Ceb: literally 4 mongоloids


    Ceb: i have 4 mongоloids

  • Match chat: 2470748088

    Ceb: my bm

    Ceb: is a mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2378913840

    Ceb: ues a mongоloid

    Ceb: ur a mongоloid

Other than that, casual trashtalk.


33 games.



Literally no games public.

Team Secret


210 games.

Not much to see here except little trashtalk.


232 games.

Again, mostly just bunch of trashtalk but nothing big.


22 games.

Literally nothing


2096 games.

  • Match chat: 2981828125

    Yapz0r: 2 niggеrs

    Yapz0r: camping me

Other than that it's just some trashtalk.


6 games.


The Final Tribe


2036 games.

  • Match chat: 3151860365

    Frost: ur fucking russians

  • Match chat: 2731636760

    Frost: can they just secure russians to their servers

    Frost: its jus a pain for everyone involved

Other than that, calling people "russian" a lot, but not directly insulting.


1723 games.

Some trashtalk here and there, but it's mostly "moron"/"trash".


3332 games.

  • Match chat: 3696059858

    hairy_freak: report this mongоloid juggernaut

    hairy_freak: Ty

    hairy_freak: private profile ofc

    Xibbe: if there weren't mongоloids

    Xibbe: i would not be rank 500

    Xibbe: in fact dota would not have enough players

    Xibbe: for me to be interested

    Xibbe: without mongоloids

He did also say "niggеr" but with some heavy context which you can check yourself.

Other than that, "trash", "moron" etc, nothing big.


786 games.

Nothing special.


121 games.

Nothing special.

Aachen City Esports


6129 games (!!!)

  • Match chat: 3562075322

    V-tune: кляті русичі damn russians

    V-tune: заібале fucking sick of them

    V-tune: тіма дібілов закнчите будь ласка retard team end please

    V-tune: по біріку quickly


    V-tune: що ти ржош what are you laughing at

    Shad number 1 fan: go party next gmae to finish lp x

    Shad number 1 fan: xd

    V-tune: кінь москальський moskal horse

  • Match chat: 2605121045

    V-tune: learn english

    V-tune: trash russian

  • Match chat: 2538047813

    V-tune: у нас зевс our zeus

    V-tune: хач is a hach [derogatory word for armenians and other dark-skinned inhabitants of Russia]

Other than that, he said "trash" and "clown" in all chat probably more times than I have matches played. I may have missed some more outstanding stuff therefore.


6253 games. (!!!)

  • Match chat: 4576704188

    confession: so

    confession: r u arab

    confession: or bulgarian

    awe`: (core)

    awe`: x d

    confession: no matter but ur son opf whore


    confession: if u will ever

    confession: take my core again

    confession: ill come to ur

    confession: turkey

    confession: summer

    confession: and shot

    confession: andu r legs

  • Match chat: 4576536046

    confession: Can u kindly ask vuper

    confession: is he bulgarian

    confession: arab

    confession: or turkey

    confession: Im curious

  • Match chat: 3942376942

    confession: rank 1290412904

    confession: turkey

    confession: animal

  • Match chat: 3862964458

    confession: 2ez for ter(r)orist

    confession: on jugg

    confession: abdul iraq

  • Match chat: 3641453125

    confession: and yeah

    confession: sf is

    . : its not like im stopping you

    confession: turkey son of whore

    confession: ruined much my games

  • Match chat: 3614569505

    confession: russian

    confession: animal

  • Match chat: 3499926704

    confession: сосать хохол suck it, hohol

  • Match chat: 3492702868

    confession: заткнись хохол shut up, hohol

  • Match chat: 3292042138

    confession: ставь лайк если ты 30 лет хохол наркоман контришь нагу свеном click "like" if you're a 30-year old junkie hohol countering naga with sven

  • Match chat: 3130024653

    confession: turkey son of whore


    confession: turkey subhuman

  • Match chat: 3112026407

    confession: i ruinedl ike 3 games in a row for turkey subhuman

    confession: and nowi`m getting 20iq animals

  • Match chat: 3095444857

    confession: turkey 20 iq subhuman

  • Match chat: 2995537300

    confession: fucking turkmongоloid

  • Match chat: 2796108453

    confession: twitchtv/mongоloidfuckdota

    confession: follow jugg

    r0adhouse: good brand

    confession: he is just

    confession: Mongоloid fucker

  • Match chat: 2761074645

    confession: no mana

    confession: mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2546994255

    confession: learn eng

    confession: DEADS)))

    confession: mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2204274076

    confession: u stupid mongоloid

And so on and so forth, plus normal trashtalk.


3175 games.

  • Match chat: 3617926234

    funn1k: ебало

    funn1k: офф shut your trap

    Pikachu: ti xto? who are you?

    funn1k: хохол hohol

  • Match chat: 3279460977

    funn1k: he is braindaed russian monkey

  • Match chat: 2299791316

    funn1k: coz he is fucking cancerous

    SNGPPP: ur warlock

    funn1k: gypsy romanian

    funn1k: trash


1119 games.

  • Match chat: 3085657347

    LeBronDota: our axe used both shrinES

    LeBronDota: FCKLING MONgоloid

Other than that it's just "trash" and "clown" et cetera.


897 games.

Nothing worth mentioning.

Team Singularity


2133 games.

Some rather funny flames but nothing else.


2843 games.

Relatively little trashtalk, usually "cancer" or "trash".


4277 games. (!!)

  • Match chat: 4037942287

    Shachlo: хохол ебаный fucking hohol

Little else worth mentioning.


101 games.

Nothing worth mentioning.


2843 games.

Nothing to speak of.

Virtus Pro


1132 games.

  • Match chat: 3932293116

    RAMZEs: Уже 0 шансов на победу already 0 chance to win

    RAMZEs: я проклят I'm cursed

    RAMZEs: Китайцами by the Chinese

  • Match chat: 3518922991

    RAMZEs: Все завали ебалище alright, shut the fuck up now

    Anonymous: уебушка fuckwit

    RAMZEs: ты хохол блять you fucking hohol

  • Match chat: 2291881900

    RAMZEs: pizda tebe you're fucked now

    RAMZEs: hohol ebu4iy fucking hohol

Plus some relatively mild trashtalk around.


443 games.

Only normal trashtalk, clown, go fuck yourself, etc.


526 games.

Nothing worth mentioning.


12 games.

Too few games for anything.


845 games.

  • Match chat: 2531965403

    Solo: i forgive u

    Solo: for mongоloid call

Just a few mentions of "cancer" otherwise.


2050 games.

  • Match chat: 2074507888

    ArsZeeqq: gtfo romanian moron

Other than that just clown, moron, etc. Majority of the games too old.

TNC Predator


287 games.

Nothing on record.


1 game.

Yep, his famous incident isn't here, as he doesn't expose match data.


208 games.

"Trash", "cancer", etc, but nothing big.


2394 games.

Nothing to see here.


302 games.

Few trashtalks but that's pretty much it.



No games available.


1649 games.

Nothing to see here.


911 games.

"Cancer", "ape", "morons", but nothing substantial.


235 games.

Nothing to see here.


172 games.

Nothing to see here either.


3166 games.

Some flame and trashtalk but nothing big.

Forward Gaming


4468 games. (!!)

  • Match chat: 4287530719


  • Match chat: 4018174872

    YawaR: terrorist and holocaust


    YawaR: hey u pieceoehfist teal

    YawaR: hwy aint u playing enigma


  • Match chat: 4002585078

    YawaR: stfu RUSSIAN RETARD

  • Match chat: 3772542993

    YawaR: FUCKIN mexicna russian

  • Match chat: 3631907525

    YawaR: die u peruvian ape

    Sneyking: rofl

    YawaR: Peruvbian down

  • Match chat: 3272352130

    YawaR: indian dickhead

  • Match chat: 3212873305

    YawaR: STFU UR awful

    ☺☺☺: it sgoing down ,wtf

    YawaR: u fuckion сhink

    ☺☺☺: noob

    Burma ka 109/110: END

    ☺☺☺: LOL

    YawaR: сhink DOWN

  • Match chat: 3192009539

    YawaR: fuckin mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3025726658

    YawaR: i have 0 respect for u indian trahs

    DuBu: gg wp

    YawaR: its in ur bloodcant change

  • Match chat: 2939033420

    YawaR: u fucikimn сhink

    (yellow)paprika: why should i let u go

    YawaR: there are like 1million сhink players

    paprika: fuck off

    YawaR: and they only won 3 tis

    #wolfkin #proudcuck #LGBTQRX: Only

    YawaR: hope ylelow dies

  • Match chat: 2675761603

    YawaR: u dumbniggеrs

  • Match chat: 2619664385

    YawaR: STFU u сhink

  • Match chat: 2500882537

    YawaR: browns the superior сhink

  • Match chat: 2443882673

    YawaR: JOIJOICE ur сhink cant get any worse

  • Match chat: 2439476185

    YawaR: i wonder if u have money u сhink

And lots, lots, serious lots of trash/moron/cancer stuff. Even some of the worse ones like "I hope XX gets cancer", but that's not the focus of this post.


5256 games. (!!!)

  • Match chat: 4147752432

    CCnC: ur actually so stupid its flabberghasting

    captain: same here

    Mr.J-: keep doing

    CCnC: ur a mongоloid

  • Match chat: 4091135979

    CCnC: Stack reports on yellow

    CCnC: For being t he biggest mongоloid

  • Match chat: 4037294085

    CCnC: ur such a mongоloid purple

  • Match chat: 3771962509

    CCnC: stack reports on brown

    Чилю в песочнице: :)

    CCnC: For bein gan intolerable COMPLETE MONgоloid

  • Match chat: 3764412935

    CCnC: Russians are intolerable


    CCnC: Just stack reports on DG

    CCnC: For bieng a european

    CCnC: Degenerate

    CCnC: europeans are actually the most abysmal region

    CCnC: its insane

  • Match chat: 3712013910

    CCnC: You ruined the game you mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3493234762

    CCnC: orange you're terrible

    CCnC: Yo monogоloid

  • Match chat: 3344582535

    CCnC: You fountain diving

    CCnC: Mongоloids

  • Match chat: 3318483365

    CCnC: Such an obnoxious mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3208425393

    CCnC: You awful mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3193953383

    CCnC: Can you lvea my lane ryu you mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2992486440

    CCnC: Sell your items you mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2992486440

    CCnC: bunch of bickering mongоloids

  • Match chat: 2965137264

    CCnC: You bumbling mongоloid of a retard

  • Match chat: 2938727140

    CCnC: everyone reprot this degenerate mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2928743866

    CCnC: Kill yourself you mongоloid

And a whole bunch of "ape", "baboon", "cancer" and "moron" throughout. Was rather hard to scroll.


3770 games.

Mostly trashtalk. Had a phrase like "Russians are the peruvians of EU" but nothing big.


1472 games.

  • Match chat: 3777668537

    MSS-: DK's

    MSS-: a fucking mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3644034522

    MSS-: u fucking mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3304005560

    MSS-: u mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3274451534

    MSS-: ? my bristle's a mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2611439981

    MSS-: u mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2408166009

    MSS-: i got fucking RUSSIANS man

    MSS-: GG

Casual trashtalk otherwise.


23 games.

Nothing here.


  • Match chat: 3922154725

    Aui_2000: i am coaching u mongоloid

Casual flame/trashtalk otherwise.

Evil Geniuses


No games available.


1465 games.

  • Match chat: 3793001501

    SumaiL: PERU = trash

  • Match chat: 2143308019

    SumaiL: apparently eveyr fukcign peruvian is a moron

A lot of trashtalk for 1.4k games, but it's all "trash", "moron" etc.


1297 games.

The only time he said "trash" in all-chat was in reference to himself.


4127 games.

Appropriate amount of trashtalk, but nothing racial.


2681 games.

  • Match chat: 3990817016

    BuLba: brown u stupid mongоloid

  • Match chat: 3336542995

    BuLba: pink ur gonna lose this game u mongоloid

  • Match chat: 2867237990

    BuLba: teal uir not funny u mongоloid

    BuLba: go die

  • Match chat: 2808731865

    BuLba: light blues a real fucking mongоloid

Other than that only usual trashtalks.

paiN Gaming


2135 games.

  • Match chat: 3231824153

    leo: tu é 1 mongоloide dazzel

A bunch of portuguese trashtalk, "subhuman", "trash" etc but nothing I can see about race.


1549 games.

  • Match chat: 2057621106

    4dr <3 Déia: u fucking mongоloid

Random trashtalk otherwise.


1844 games.

Casual trashtalk, nothing unusual, though idk portuguese.


1309 games.

Same as above.



3494 games.

Fair amount of trashtalk, sometimes mentioned being in team with 4 russians but not in an insulting manner.


1269 games.

Not even trashtalk. Then again, maybe he was talking chinese/german and didn't get caught.


1453 games.

Some trashtalk, nothing big.


576 games.

No trashtalk at all, even remotely, in public games' all-chat.


492 games.

Some trashtalk, some of it in spanish, yelled "BANANA SLAM JAMMA" once, otherwise nothing.

Thanks for sticking around.

Following is an entirely too long personal opinion which you really don't need.

Now, in conclusion, how many of the players do you believe are actually racist after all that?

I believe it's still zero - though I allow a tiny margin of error.

All of those people are some of the most passionate and intelligent Dota 2 players. They put vast majority of their time into playing Dota and improving. They wouldn't be able to reach the current heights otherwise. To them, the time spent in game is the most precious. They're the ones most likely to feel bitter and angry over an underperforming ally or a cheesy strategy of the enemy.

Getting bunched up with 4 people who may or may not speak your language makes for a great breeding ground of prejudice. Not necessarily racism, but prejudice. If you don't speak Russian, and see after loading that 3 of your teammates are russian, you already expect the team to fail. You become pissed at them, and what better way to address them than by their one common trait? That's how a trend is born. Be it "fuck russians" or "fuck peruvians" or whatever else. And those trends spread like wildfire among streamers, redditors, and other public forums.

You may also notice that not everyone is gh. It would appear that niceness and politeness are not good predictors of success - you can see a large mix here at the top, from some people who've never hurt a fly to some who get into an insult battle every second game.

And now for the biggest issue, in my opinion. While pro players are treated as this special, legendary group of "opinion leaders", they all are, first and foremost, just pub players. They came from the group of pub players, and they still are thoroughly mixed among others like them, and honestly many of those pub players can suddenly become pros and "opinion leaders" at any reshuffle.

So while some conscientiousness is necessary, I don't think this current overwatch is doing any good. If anything, its only effect is damaging player's reputation over a perceived "racism" or malice that 99.9% of time isn't even there - as already mentioned, 99.9% of the time players don't mean what they say literally and would never act on it in real life.

The argument that they're damaging whole humanity because some retards can look up to them and become racist is, frankly, ridiculous. That kind of dumbness is unstoppable. If you want to stop the "racism" from spreading, you need to stop people like the OP in latest drama, baiting pros into a reaction then exaggerating and spreading it, and people like me who do this shit.


... stop making such a big deal out of it.

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ZGMarty commented May 26, 2019

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B-Zhu commented May 27, 2019

Nice work dude

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this is so cool dude give it up

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I'm interested on how you did this, can you share the process?

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Any words from Bulldog? kpii stop him saying C-word while playing with sccc.

Copy link

Any words from Bulldog? kpii stop him saying C-word while playing with sccc.

I think the keyword here is 'pro players' kappa.

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Sometimes we need the whole conversation to judge if he is a real racist or not. Maybe other players attack him with some awful words.

Copy link

I think the keyword here is 'pro players' kappa.

But Bulba is still here, and he is coach of EG now.

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Again, as a fan of Sccc, I wanna say he is really a model l of positive energy.

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Singsing's slurs won't fit the gist character limit XD

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rvegas commented May 27, 2019

Gh is my role model

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Seeing a lot of Github users (developers) comment on a Dota 2 - related thread.....
Just make me feel happy.
Anw who else ship for GH <3 S4?

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oh lawd

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God of big data

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damn sure wanna read your all codes ,man .God job

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HeyFry commented May 28, 2019

why's gh's name so special

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Good job! Small correction: In CIS "хач" is derogatory word not only for armenians, but for almost all the people of Caucasus
In any case, V-tune’s messages in Ukrainian seem ironic to me, not real insults.

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teemour commented May 28, 2019

Great job, could you please share the dataset with all the messages?
Dude, Gustav "The only time he said "trash" in all-chat was in reference to himself." s4 Magnusson killed me

Copy link

The dataset is too large to share on Github (>1gb)

I may put the source code on git later depending on Valve's statement on the matter.

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what's wrong with your brain that you can do this extremely extensive project that probably took way too much of your time and come to the conclusion: "nah they aren't racist"

on top of that, calling people retards in your closing statements? have you ever been outside and interacted with society at all?

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The dataset is too large to share on Github (>1gb)

I may put the source code on git later depending on Valve's statement on the matter.

Need a source code to parse my friends chat messages for lulz.

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non7top commented May 28, 2019

As a Russian the worst thing that can happen in game is when your team consists only of retarded russians. Oh, wait...

PS I'm a fan of s4 now.

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VADemon commented May 31, 2019

Good job, such analysis with vast amounts of useless data is always fun :)
On the matter - I'm not a Dota player, didn't know there's suddenly drama around it. My take on "racist" slurs is that people in most cases just use them as a greater insult. Not because they're racist, but because it's a fitting insult. - I agree with your opinion.

Example: If you are crazily mad, would you call a person an "idiot" or use the n-word? 2x effect if you know the person is actually black. 3x if people suddenly get offended more by some insults than others.
Conclusion: Insults are insults, calling someone fat (real or not) has the same effect as calling someone racist slurs (real or not). Both equally bad, stop blowing shit out of proportion.

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Add this: Racist commends from PSG.LGD Maybe on weibo
Maybe: Your foreign daddy plays AP mode so that they can play 200 heroses. If we Chinese team continue to play RD mode we can only play 20 heroes. Are you a son of foreign horse (大洋马 in Chinese)and white pig(白皮猪 in Chinese)?

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hi, this is really well done! I am working on a research project for my senior thesis about racism in video games. I was wondering if you'd be interested in working with me? I am trying to figure out a way to quantify the amount and types of racism in dota2 games and you seem interested and capable. no one has ever done statistical research analyzing the content of chats in video games as all the research is about actual game structure (ie black people are the bad guys in GTA, etc, which the user doesnt control). let me know

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Cirille commented Oct 16, 2019

Hi! I am a data science master student. And I am looking for data sets for my master thesis. Do you still have the whole data you collected for this? Or do you perhaps provide the code for crawling them? Thanks very much for your reply!

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KaeLL commented May 14, 2020

Imagine being so butthurt and have so much time to waste doing this. I will say thank you, because I laughed my ass off reading these. Thank you.

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Hey bruh do you have scrapping code for this still? Or just general direction on how to do it?

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Hey bruh do you have scrapping code for this still? Or just general direction on how to do it?

Code is gone by now I think, but I used OpenDota API to get a list of players and their matches (incl. chat) and a modified RSDB list to check against.

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