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.vimrc of rust
set nocompatible " be iMproved, required
filetype off " required
" set the runtime path to include Vundle and initialize
set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
call vundle#begin()
" let Vundle manage Vundle, required
Plugin 'gmarik/Vundle.vim'
" custom plugins
Plugin 'majutsushi/tagbar'
Plugin 'shougo/neocomplete.vim'
Plugin 'Shougo/echodoc.vim'
let g:echodoc_enable_at_startup = 1
Plugin 'scrooloose/nerdtree'
Plugin 'bling/vim-airline'
Plugin 'tpope/vim-fugitive'
Plugin 'jistr/vim-nerdtree-tabs'
Plugin 'mbbill/undotree'
Plugin 'Lokaltog/vim-easymotion'
Plugin 'scrooloose/nerdcommenter'
Plugin 'scrooloose/syntastic'
Plugin 'milkypostman/vim-togglelist'
Plugin 'ctrlpvim/ctrlp.vim'
Plugin 'cespare/vim-toml'
Plugin 'racer-rust/vim-racer'
Plugin 'rust-lang/rust.vim'
" all of your Plugins must be added before the following line
call vundle#end() " required
filetype plugin indent on " required
" general customizations
syntax on
set ts=4
set sw=4
set number
set cursorline
set scrolloff=999
set encoding=utf-8
set hidden
set incsearch
colorscheme molokai
" rust customizations
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.rs set formatprg=rustfmt
" plugin customizations
" neocomplete
let g:neocomplete#enable_at_startup = 1
if !exists('g:neocomplete#sources#omni#input_patterns')
let g:neocomplete#sources#omni#input_patterns = {}
let g:neocomplete#sources#omni#input_patterns.rust = '[^.[:digit:] *\t]\%(\.\|\::\)\%(\h\w*\)\?'
" rust.vim
au FileType rust compiler cargo
" racer
let g:racer_cmd = "/usr/local/bin/racer"
" vim-airline
set laststatus=2
let g:bufferline_echo = 0
let g:airline#extensions#tabline#enabled = 1
let g:airline_theme = 'dark'
" tagbar
let g:tagbar_type_rust = {
\ 'ctagstype' : 'rust',
\ 'kinds' : [
\'T:types,type definitions',
\'f:functions,function definitions',
\'g:enum,enumeration names',
\'s:structure names',
\'m:modules,module names',
\'c:consts,static constants',
\'i:impls,trait implementations',
" nerdcommenter
let g:NERDCustomDelimiters = {
\ 'rust': { 'left': '//', 'leftAlt': '/*', 'rightAlt': '*/' }
\ }
" togglelist
let g:toggle_list_copen_command = 'botright copen'
" ctrlp
let g:ctrlp_custom_ignore = '\v[\/]target\/(debug|release)$'
" yaml tabs
autocmd FileType yaml :setlocal sw=2 ts=2 sts=2
" shortcuts remap
" rust specific
autocmd FileType rust nmap <Leader>r :make run<CR>
autocmd FileType rust nmap <Leader>b :make build<CR>
autocmd FileType rust nmap <Leader>t :make test<CR>
" generic
nmap <F2> :tabnew<CR>
nmap <F3> :tabclose<CR>
nmap <F4> :call ToggleQuickfixList()<CR>
nmap <F5> :UndotreeToggle<CR>
nmap <F7> :NERDTreeTabsToggle<CR>
nmap <F8> :TagbarToggle<CR>
nmap <s-Left> :tabprevious<CR>
nmap <s-Right> :tabnext<CR>
nmap <C-Down> :bprev<CR>
nmap <C-Up> :bnext<CR>
nnoremap <C-j> <C-w>j
nnoremap <C-k> <C-w>k
nnoremap <C-h> <C-w>h
nnoremap <C-l> <C-w>l
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