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Tensorflow serve on Sagemaker
def export_h5_to_pb(path_to_h5, export_path):
# Set the learning phase to Test since the model is already trained.
# Load the Keras model
keras_model = load_model(path_to_h5)
# Build the Protocol Buffer SavedModel at 'export_path'
builder = saved_model_builder.SavedModelBuilder(export_path)
# Create prediction signature to be used by TensorFlow Serving Predict API
signature = predict_signature_def(inputs={"images": keras_model.input},
outputs={"scores": keras_model.output})
with K.get_session() as sess:
# Save the meta graph and the variables
builder.add_meta_graph_and_variables(sess=sess, tags=[tag_constants.SERVING],
signature_def_map={"serving_default": signature})
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