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Vue devtool Open component in editor tips

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Visual Studio code

Users on macOS must first run a command (Shell Command: Install 'code' command in PATH) to add VS Code executable to the PATH environment variable. Read the macOS Setup guide for help.

vs shell-command install

webstorm or other jetBrain's editor

First install Command Line Launcher

"Tools" -> "Create Command Line Launcher..."

jetbrain's editor cli install


In your Vue project, install the launch-editor-middleware package and modifiy your webpack configuration:

  1. Install the package
yarn add --dev launch-editor-middleware
// or
npm install --save-dev launch-editor-middleware

1. Import the package:

If you use vue-cli's webpack template

in 'build/'

const openInEditor = require('launch-editor-middleware')

2. In the devServer option, register the /__open-in-editor HTTP route:

in 'build/'

devServer: {
  before (app) {
    app.use('/__open-in-editor', openInEditor())

3. specify the editor


The editor to launch is guessed. You can also specify the editor app with the editor option. See the supported editors list.

npm launch-editor can specify editor. If you installed visual studio code shell-command, this works!

launch-editor launch just

devServer: {
  before (app) {
    app.use('/__open-in-editor', openInEditor('code'))

If you didn't install editor's command-line specify full path.

See :

devServer: {
  before (app) {
    app.use('/__open-in-editor', openInEditor('/Applications/'))

editor priority

If you open multiple editor, first process editor open.

There are not yet 'specify editor priority' feature in 'launch-editor'.


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