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View LetterpressSizes.json
* Transcribed to JSON from
* This document is free and open-source software licensed simultaneously under the MIT License, the GPL v2,
* and the two-clause BSD License.
* nb. Where conflicts in naming existed (Double Small Pica and Double Pica), the British unit took
* precedence. In all other cases, both US and British units are described.
"LetterpressSizes": {
View font-face mixin
@theme-name: "common";
@base-url: "url/@{theme-name}";
@font-face-file-path: "@{base-url}/fonts";
@font-face-file-path: @font-face-file-path;
@font-face-directory: @font-face-family;
@font-face-weight: normal;
View Icon builder final (hopefully)
@icon-before: before, right;
@icon-after: after, left;
@global-icon-position: @icon-before;
@global-icon-position-override: @icon-after;
@icon-position: extract(@global-icon-position, 1);
@icon-offset: extract(@global-icon-position, 2);
@icon-position-override: extract(@global-icon-position-override, 1);
View Icon builder mixin
@icon-pos: before, right;
@icon-pos-override: after, left;
@icon-position: extract(@icon-pos, 1);
@icon-offset: extract(@icon-pos, 2);
@icon-position-override: extract(@icon-pos-override, 1);
@icon-offset-override: extract(@icon-pos-override, 2);
// Icons
@oneIcon: "\f110";
@twoIcon: "\f015";
View Less mixin guard with parameters
// Settings - these need moving to the variables.less file I think
@icon-font-line-height: 1;
@icon-font-size-base: @font-size-base;
// Defaults used by the icon mixins
@icon-font-default-icon: "\f245";
@icon-font-default-color: inherit;
@icon-font-default-margin: (@grid-gutter-width/2);
@icon-font-default-icon: @shopping-cart;
@grid-gutter-width: 12px;
@font-size-base: 14px;
View httpd.conf
NameVirtualHost *
<VirtualHost *>
DocumentRoot "/Applications/MAMP/htdocs"
ServerName localhost
<VirtualHost *>
DocumentRoot "/Volumes/LaCie/repos/"
View gist:e669b1ee9c1ba28d064f
.col-0 {
flex: 0 0 calc(100% - 0rem);
.col-1 {
flex: 0 0 calc(91.66667% - 0.5rem);
.col-2 {
flex: 0 0 calc(83.33333% - 0.66667rem);
View SassMeister-input.scss
// ----
// libsass (v3.2.5)
// ----
$brandbg: #FF7070;
$lightbg: #FFF;
$brandbg--light: #FFD4D4;
$darkbg: #555;
$u: rem;
$horz-spacing: 1;
View sample.less
@glyphiconFont: 'Glyphicons Halflings';
@fontAwesoneFont: 'FontAwesome';
// Glyphicons
@chevron-left: "\e079";
@chevron-right: "\e080";
@plus-sign: "\e081";
@ok-sign: "\e084";
@ok: "\e013";
@triangle-bottom: "\e252";