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Created Jul 12, 2010
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(function(global) {
var config = false,
modules = [];
// setup single public namespace
var skel = global.skel = {
init: function(c) {
// put initial config in the public scope
config = c;
for(var i = 0; i < modules.length; i++) {
register: function(module) {
if(! {
throw new Error("Modules must provide at minimal a run() function");
if(module.register) {
(function(skel) {
name: "skeleton",
run: function(config) {
// do some stuff
var x = 1;
return x;

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@morganrallen morganrallen commented Jul 12, 2010

In this situation, run.js would be the last in the build.xml concatanation and gets this started. Modules register themselves if they need to do anything at runtime. init() then runs each of the modules after initing itself.

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