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morganrallen /
Last active January 15, 2023 19:41
Janky Browser


The only cross-platform browser that fits in a Gist!

One line install. Works on Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

Local Install

$> npm install
tmpvar / flasher.js
Created August 11, 2012 04:26
quick and dirty .hex -> avr programmer using nodejs and node-serialport
serialport = require('serialport'),
intelHex2Binary = require('./intelhex'),
fs = require('fs'),
sp = new serialport.SerialPort('/dev/tty.usbmodemfd121'),
argv = require('optimist').argv,
debug = 1,
s = function(d, fn) {
if (fn) {
cmds.push(function() {
lionello / nrf_ws2812.h
Last active September 16, 2017 01:08
Bit-banging a WS2812/WS2812B LED on Nordic nRF51 platform (nRF51422 or nRF51822)
#define NOP() __asm volatile ( "NOP" )
void ws2812_init(void)
NekR /
Created March 25, 2015 23:17
Why so fetch?

Why so fetch?

This is answer to this Jake's post

First, I would begin with commenting this shining phrase:

Bit of a rant: it bothers me that as developers, we preach iterative development and release, but when we're the customers of that approach the reaction is all too often "HOW DARE YOU PRESENT ME WITH SUCH INCOMPLETE IMPERFECTION".

As a developer, when I provide incomplete, incremental product to my client, I always says sorry to them until it's fully done. But as you mentioned, you want hear from clients "SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY". This does not seems like apology.

Okay, here I am going to agree what "final" abilities of fetch are cool, really, very usable. What is wrong with it is that it misses basic API from the beginning, it's like that your skate but without wheels, only suspension and nice colors.