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Notes/instructions for how I've been mirroring sites to
Mirroring sites to
1) Use `wget` to pull down a copy of the site. If pulling down a single file & all its prerequisites, use the following:
/usr/local/bin/wget -p --mirror -k -t 30 -w 5 -e robots=off -o$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H%M).log "" &
Alternatively, if pulling down an entire directory, use the following (Note: _make sure_ you include the trailing slash on the directory name!):
/usr/local/bin/wget --mirror -k -t 30 -w 5 -e robots=off -o$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H%M).log "" &
Then tail the log to watch it go:
tail -F
2) Fix `.nav.homepage.js`, it will have absolute paths that need to be converted to relative. In `vim`, you can use the following to do so (in this example for
3) Browse the site for any broken links and fetch those pages again using `wget` (remember to add the `-p` page-requisites option to those in wget_instructions.txt)
4) Any albums should have inline JavaScript lines that contain `new Slide('`, you will need to fetch these files manually (`curl -O` should be adequate for this) and then replace the absolute paths in the `new Slide()` calls with correct paths. (`wget` can't handle JavaScript, hence this being manual & required). Unfortunately, the way the slideshow code works, they still have to be absolute paths; fortunately, you can just strip off the 'http:/' so they become `new Slide('/` and that'll work.
5) Search all pages for any absolute links back to and try to fix them:
grep -i -R \"http:\/\/homepage\.mac\.com\/ * | more
Sometimes they'll even get duplicated so you end up with something like "g3head.1". If you've found such a case and you _absolutely know_ that all occurrences in all files can be replaced, you can do something like the following (after deleting the "g3head" folder, in this example):
find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i '' 's/\/g3head\.1/\/index.html/g'
6) Watch out for directories that have been linked to without the trailing slash, a file will be created instead of a directory with an index file. You'll have to fix those! The following find command will reveal non-directories that don't have common file names and should help with the hunt:
find . -type f ! -iname "*.txt" ! -iname "*.html" ! -iname "*.htm" ! -iname "*.css" ! -iname "*.js" ! -iname "*.gif" ! -iname "*.png" ! -iname "*.jpeg" ! -iname "*.jpg"
7) FileSharing pages tend to redirect to a file in /WebObjects/woa/ which `wget` will have downloaded, but can't be loaded by Apache. In these cases move that file to replace the FileSharing page (since it's just a redirect anyway). Once moved, fix the absolute URLs, esp. the ones pointing to "/i/hpti/". For those, you can use the following commands in `vim` to replace the usual occurrences:
8) Browse the site, specifically watching for assets that might still be loading from or linking to it.
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