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@morgant morgant/NewtFns.c
Created Jul 25, 2012

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NewtonScript Perform() for NEWT/0
/** Send a message to a method in a frame by name with an array of parameters
* @param rcvr [in] レシーバ
* @param frame [in] Frame
* @param message [in] Message
* @param params [in] Parameters
* @return Return value
newtRef NsPerform(newtRefArg rcvr, newtRefArg frame, newtRefArg message, newtRefArg params)
newtRef ary = NewtRefIsNIL(params) ? NewtMakeArray(kNewtRefUnbind, 0) : params;
return NcSendWithArgArray(frame, message, false, ary);
someFrame := { SomeMethod: func() begin
SomeOtherMethod: func(number) begin
Print("SomeOtherMethod(" & number & ")!");
// test Perform() with no arguments to be passed with the message
Perform(someFrame, 'SomeMethod, nil);
// test Perform() with an argument passed with the message
Perform(someFrame, 'SomeOtherMethod, [42]);
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