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# morimorihoge screenrc
escape \233\233
hardstatus on
defbce on
# Protection from attacks
multiuser off
idle off
vbell off
autodetach on
startup_message off
deflogin off
autonuke on
defscrollback 0
# set $TERM env
term screen
# change screen ctrl key to C-z
escape ^Z^Z # C-z C-z : send ^Z to process
bind 'Z' suspend # C-z z, C-z Z: suspend screen
bind 'z' suspend
bind 'K' kill # kill current screen
bind w windowlist -b
defscrollback 8192
markkeys h=^B:l=^F:$=^E:^U=^Z:^D=^V
shelltitle '$ |shell'
# message display time
msgwait 3
msgminwait 2
# display status
hardstatus alwayslastline "%?%h%:#%n %t @%H)%? %{= dd}%-035= %{= wB}%l %Y-%m-%d %02c:%s"
caption always "%{=r dd}%-Lw%40L>%?%F%{+b kG}%:[%{=r dd}%? %n%f %t %?%F%{-}%:]%?%+Lw"
# split line color
sorendition "+rb .R"
# change directory to home
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