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@mornir mornir/challenge-1.js

Last active Jan 3, 2020
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GROQ Pokédex Challenges
// Find the weakest Pokémon overall
"overall": base.HP + base.Attack + base.Defense + base["Sp. Attack"] + base["Sp. Defense"] + base.Speed,
"name": name.english,
// Return an array containing all and only the Pokémon names
// Return counts for grass, fire and water types
"Grass": count(*["Grass" in type]),
"Fire": count(*["Fire" in type]),
"Water": count(*["Water" in type]),
// Return all water type Pokémon
*['Water' in type && length(type) == 1]{
"name": name.english,
}|order(base.HP desc)
// Return the percentage of single type Pokémon
"percentage": count(*[length(type) == 1]) * 100 / count(*[])
// List the Pokémon based on the number of letters in their English name
"name": name.english,
"length": length(name.english)
}|order(length desc)
// Group the Pokémon in three categories
"name": name.english,
"attack": base.Attack,
"evaluation": select(
base.Attack > 124 => "strong",
base.Attack > 83 => "average",
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