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Come be an UI developer at Honest

About Honest

At Honest, we are building a contextual assistant for Customer Service Agents. By focusing on human conversations, we use technology to augment agents' capabilities so they can {find / achieve / know} anything on the spot while talking to customers.

Backed by a few of Spain's leading VC investors (like K Fund), our aim is to put together an A-team that can approach digital platforms in a holistic manner, open to solve very complex problems. They must be keen on giving attention and care to the different layers of what a successful product really means.

About the UI Developer role

We’re looking for some capable of translating UI designs into a modern, fast, scalable and accessible HTML/CSS/JS layer.

We expect you to possess top HTML/CSS skills and at least mid level when it comes to modern Javascript practices.

You will work with the UX/UI Lead and bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application looks and how it works.

About your salary

This is a 40-50k euro/year position.

About our tech stack

Honest is built as a “beautiful monolith” Rails 6 application, with a pretty standard Rails+PostgreSQL+Redis setup, running on Heroku.

The frontend layer is managed with Webpack and relies heavily on server-side rendering via Hotwire thus keeping the JS parts lightweight (but not less important)

Our main experience is delivered now through a browser (Firefox/Chrome) extension.

Experience & Responsibilities

  • Must-have: Experience in digital product design and being comfortable with people-centred design processes.
  • Must-have: Experience on modern HTML and CSS production-level specifications, techniques and tooling.
  • Extra points: Experience in working with Rails applications (or a similar enough web framework) and leveraging their frontend pipeline.
  • Extra points: Experience in developing browser extensions.
  • You will guide our strategy on picking the most suitable tools, from pre-processors to JS bundlers, for current and future challenges.
  • We need you to consider accessibility, performance, scalability, monitoring and QA practices as essential components of our UI strategy and of your day-to-day job.
  • We need you to be able to communicate with your colleagues in an agile and efficient manner

Role and Culture

  • This is a full-time role in a fully-remote company
  • Ideally, you should be located in the GMT to GMT+2 time zone range
  • We’re a small team with high standards, higher goals and strong ethics. We intend to sow the seeds of an interesting, respectful, diverse culture
  • We strive to create an organisation composed of smart, motivated adults working towards a shared purpose while recognising and respecting individual differences and contexts
  • We appreciate that work is only a subset of people’s lives and will always try to accommodate day-to-day needs and circumstances

Interested or have any questions? Get in touch: | @honestdotis Website:

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