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Last active October 12, 2018 00:51
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Nippo Opener
map <Leader>np :MemoNewWithMeta 'ニッポー', '"ニッポー", "YAMAP"', 'Work'<CR>
function! s:yesterday_nippo()
let s:now = localtime()
let s:day = (60 * 60 * 24)
let s:yesterday = strftime("%Y-%m-%d", s:now - s:day)
let s:yesterday_path = g:memolist_path.'/'.s:yesterday.'-ニッポー.markdown'
exe "e" s:yesterday_path
command! -nargs=* YesterdayNippo :call s:yesterday_nippo()
map <Leader>ynp :YesterdayNippo<CR>
function! s:today_nippo()
let s:today = strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
let s:today_path = g:memolist_path.'/'.s:today.'-ニッポー.markdown'
exe "e" s:today_path
command! -nargs=* TodayNippo :call s:today_nippo()
map <Leader>tnp :TodayNippo<CR>
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