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Created December 1, 2021 01:01
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pyuac - elevate a Python process with UAC on Windows compatible Python 3.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8; mode: python; py-indent-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
# vim: fileencoding=utf-8 tabstop=4 expandtab shiftwidth=4
"""User Access Control for Microsoft Windows Vista and higher. This is
only for the Windows platform.
This will relaunch either the current script - with all the same command
line parameters - or else you can provide a different script/program to
run. If the current user doesn't normally have admin rights, he'll be
prompted for an admin password. Otherwise he just gets the UAC prompt.
Note that the prompt may simply shows a generic python.exe with "Publisher:
Unknown" if the python.exe is not signed.
This is meant to be used something like this::
if not pyuac.isUserAdmin():
return pyuac.runAsAdmin()
# otherwise carry on doing whatever...
See L{runAsAdmin} for the main interface.
import sys, os, traceback, types
def isUserAdmin():
"""@return: True if the current user is an 'Admin' whatever that
means (root on Unix), otherwise False.
Warning: The inner function fails unless you have Windows XP SP2 or
higher. The failure causes a traceback to be printed and this
function to return False.
if == 'nt':
import ctypes
# WARNING: requires Windows XP SP2 or higher!
return ctypes.windll.shell32.IsUserAnAdmin()
print("Admin check failed, assuming not an admin.")
return False
# Check for root on Posix
return os.getuid() == 0
def runAsAdmin(cmdLine=None, wait=True):
"""Attempt to relaunch the current script as an admin using the same
command line parameters. Pass cmdLine in to override and set a new
command. It must be a list of [command, arg1, arg2...] format.
Set wait to False to avoid waiting for the sub-process to finish. You
will not be able to fetch the exit code of the process if wait is
Returns the sub-process return code, unless wait is False in which
case it returns None.
@WARNING: this function only works on Windows.
if != 'nt':
raise RuntimeError("This function is only implemented on Windows.")
import win32api, win32con, win32event, win32process
from import ShellExecuteEx
from import shellcon
python_exe = sys.executable
if cmdLine is None:
cmdLine = [python_exe] + sys.argv
elif type(cmdLine) not in (types.TupleType,types.ListType):
raise ValueError("cmdLine is not a sequence.")
cmd = '"%s"' % (cmdLine[0],)
# XXX TODO: isn't there a function or something we can call to massage command line params?
params = " ".join(['"%s"' % (x,) for x in cmdLine[1:]])
cmdDir = ''
showCmd = win32con.SW_SHOWNORMAL
lpVerb = 'runas' # causes UAC elevation prompt.
# print "Running", cmd, params
# ShellExecute() doesn't seem to allow us to fetch the PID or handle
# of the process, so we can't get anything useful from it. Therefore
# the more complex ShellExecuteEx() must be used.
# procHandle = win32api.ShellExecute(0, lpVerb, cmd, params, cmdDir, showCmd)
procInfo = ShellExecuteEx(nShow=showCmd,
if wait:
procHandle = procInfo['hProcess']
obj = win32event.WaitForSingleObject(procHandle, win32event.INFINITE)
rc = win32process.GetExitCodeProcess(procHandle)
rc = None
return rc
def test():
"""A simple test function; check if we're admin, and if not relaunch
the script as admin.""",
rc = 0
if not isUserAdmin():
print("You're not an admin.", os.getpid(), "params: ", sys.argv)
rc = runAsAdmin()
print("You are an admin!", os.getpid(), "params: ", sys.argv)
rc = 0
input('Press Enter to exit.')
return rc
if __name__ == "__main__":
res = test()
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