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Hironao OTSUBO motemen

On vacation
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- ー
~ ~
: ー
; っ
a あ
ba ば
bd べん
be べ
bh ぶう
bi び
motemen /
Created Mar 9, 2018
Shell script to run a Go program by package path
set -e
pkg="$1"; shift
files=($(go list -f '{{range .GoFiles}}{{$.Dir}}/{{.}}{{end}}' "$pkg"))
go run -exec "bash -c 'shift; exec \"\$0\" \"\$@\"'" "${files[@]}" -- "$@"
$] = 5.008008
$URI::VERSION = 1.71
use strict;
use warnings;
use HTTP::Tiny;
use JSON;
use App::cpanminus::fatscript;
my $dist = shift;
my $dep = shift;
my $version = shift;
View exercise-a.3.4.als
sig Person {
shaken: set Person,
partner: Person
fact partnerProperties {
partner = ~partner
no p: Person | p in p.partner
View metacpan-query.json{%20%22query%22:%20{%20%22filtered%22:%20{%20%22query%22:%20{%20%22match_all%22:%20{}%20},%20%22filter%22:%20{%20%22and%22:%20[%20{%20%22term%22:%20{%20%22distribution%22:%20%22Net-CIDR-MobileJP%22%20}%20},%20{%20%22nested%22:%20{%20%22path%22:%20%22dependency%22,%20%22filter%22:%20{%20%22and%22:%20[%20{%20%22term%22:%20{%20%22dependency.module%22:%20%22WWW::MobileCarrierJP%22%20}%20},%20{%20%22term%22:%20{%20%22dependency.version_numified%22:%200%20}%20}%20]%20}%20}%20}%20]%20}%20}%20}%20}
View want-kill-tree.js
var spawn = require('child_process').spawn;
var depth = process.argv[2];
if (!depth) {
var p = spawn('node', [ process.argv[1], '1' ], { stdio: 'inherit' });
setTimeout(() => {
console.log(, 'Killing child',;
}, 500);
View textlint-asciidoctor.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# textlint-asciidoctor -r ./macro.rb -T code,dfn index.adoc
require 'asciidoctor'
require 'cgi'
require 'json'
require 'optparse'
require 'tempfile'
View README.txt
An example simple repository.
View github-webhook-pullrequest.json
"action": "synchronize",
"number": 2,
"pull_request": {
"url": "",
"id": 17160832,
"html_url": "",
"diff_url": "",
"patch_url": "",
"issue_url": "",
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