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@mourner mourner/fibonacci.js
Last active Jul 26, 2018

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import {Worker, Agent} from '@mapbox/workerpool';
// only used on the worker side
export class FibonacciWorker extends Worker {
calculate(num, callback) {
let a = 1;
let b = 0;
for (let i = num; num >= 0; num--) {
const tmp = a;
a += b;
b = tmp;
callback(null, b);
// only used on the main thread
export class FibonacciAgent extends Agent {
calculate(num, callback) {
this.send('calculate', num, callback);
// main thread entry point
import {WorkerPool, registerAgent} from '@mapbox/workerpool';
import {FibonacciAgent} from './fibonacci.js';
WorkerPool.create(4, './worker_bundle.js');
registerAgent(FibonacciAgent, 'Fibonacci');
for (let i = 0; i < 8; i++) {
const fibonacci = new FibonacciAgent();
fibonacci.calculate(i, (err, result) => console.log(result));
// worker entry point
import {registerWorker} from '@mapbox/workerpool';
import {FibonacciWorker} from './fibonacci.js';
registerWorker(FibonacciWorker, 'Fibonacci');
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