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Last active January 24, 2023 22:18
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Compute coefficients for FA Cup probability trees. See
Compute coefficients for FA Cup probability trees.
from typing import List
from dataclasses import dataclass
class Fixture:
hosts: str
visitors: str
history: str
class Round:
fixtures: List[Fixture]
def __str__(self):
all_journeys = "".join([f.history for f in self.fixtures])
coefficients = [f"{all_journeys.count(c)}{c}" for c in "hax"]
return "(" + " + ".join([c for c in coefficients]) + f") / {len(self.fixtures)}"
rounds = [Round(fixtures=[Fixture(hosts="h", visitors="a", history="h")])]
for r in range(0, 5):
new_round = Round(fixtures=[])
prev_round = rounds[r]
for f in prev_round.fixtures:
new_round.fixtures.append(Fixture(f.hosts, "x", f.history + f.hosts))
new_round.fixtures.append(Fixture("x", f.hosts, f.history + "x"))
new_round.fixtures.append(Fixture(f.visitors, "x", f.history + f.visitors))
new_round.fixtures.append(Fixture("x", f.visitors, f.history + "x"))
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