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Deserialize and Assign Fields and Values to Object Sample
//create a template for each Product2
Map<String,Object> prodTemplate = getListOfFields('Product2');
//deserialize Product2 from JSON
Map<String,Product2> prodMap = (Map<String, Product2>) JSON.deserialize(prodSerialize, Map<String,Product2>.class);
//for each Product2 returned loop through
for(String p : prodMap.keySet()){
//create new Product2 object
Product2 prodToInsert = new Product2();
//initialize new Map for fields and values
Map<String,Object> prodValues = new Map<String,Object>();
//use template for Product2 to populate for current object
//populate Map with written values from this specific Product2
prodValues = sendWrittenFields(prodMap.get(p));
//from our Map, populate Product2 directly with put of field and value pair
for(String field : prodValues.keySet()){
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