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Script to activate Ruby Gem Bundler environment in current shell session.
# This script activates a Gem Bundler environment in current shell
# session. This lets you type commands without `bundle exec` all the
# time, even if you leave the project's directory, and without complex
# magic that runs with every command.
# Usage: save this file somewhere. Use following command to activate
# current directory's bundle in current shell session:
# eval `/path/to/bundle-activate`
# For convenience you may add alias to your shell's initialization
# file (e.g. ~/.profile):
# alias ba='eval `path/to/bundle-activate`'
set -e
old=`mktemp env.unbundled.XXXXX`
new=`mktemp env.bundled.XXXXX`
out=`mktemp env.changed.XXXXX`
env > $old
bundle exec env > $new
fgrep -v -f $old $new \
| grep -v '^_=' \
| sed "s/'/'\\\\''/g; s/^/'/; s/$/'/" \
> $out
prj="`grep '^BUNDLE_GEMFILE=' $new | cut -d= -f2-`"
prj="`dirname $prj`"
prj="`basename $prj`"
echo "PS1=\"(bundle@$prj)\$PS1\"" >> $out
tr \\n \\0 < $out | xargs -0 echo export
rm $old $new $out
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