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Pre-processed source from OCE; EKOPath has a floating point exception
//simplified with delta, - thanks C. Bergström!
class Standard_Transient {};
class Handle_Standard_Transient {
Handle_Standard_Transient(): entity(((Standard_Transient *)0xfefdfefdfefd0000)){}
Handle_Standard_Transient& operator=(const Handle_Standard_Transient& aHandle){}
Standard_Transient *entity;
class Interface_EntityCluster : public Standard_Transient {
unsigned int Remove(const int num) ;
int NbLocal() const;
Handle_Standard_Transient theents[4];
unsigned int Interface_EntityCluster::Remove(const int num) {
int n = NbLocal();
for (int j = num; j < n; j --)
theents[j-1] = theents[j];
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