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package fs2
import cats.implicits._
import cats.effect.{Resource, Sync}
import cats.effect.concurrent.Ref
import cats.effect.Bracket
final class ResourceProxy[F[_], R](state: Ref[F, Option[(R, F[Unit])]])(
implicit F: Bracket[F, Throwable]
) {
def get: F[R] = state.get.flatMap {
case None => F.raiseError(new RuntimeException("Cannot get after proxy has been finalized"))
case Some((r, _)) => F.pure(r)
// Runs the finalizer for the current proxy target and delays finalizer of newValue until this proxy is finalized
def swap(newValue: Resource[F, R]): F[R] =
F.uncancelable(newValue.allocated.flatMap {
case nv =>
def doSwap: F[R] =
state.access.flatMap {
case (current, setter) =>
current match {
case None =>
nv._2 *> F.raiseError(
new RuntimeException("Cannot swap after proxy has been finalized")
case Some((_, oldFinalizer)) =>
setter(Some(nv)).ifM(, doSwap)
private def runFinalizer: F[Unit] =
state.access.flatMap {
case (current, setter) =>
current match {
case None => F.raiseError(new RuntimeException("Finalizer already run"))
case Some((_, finalizer)) => setter(None).ifM(finalizer, runFinalizer)
object ResourceProxy {
def apply[F[_]: Sync, R](initialValue: Resource[F, R]): Resource[F, ResourceProxy[F, R]] = {
val acquire = for {
v <- initialValue.allocated
state <- Ref.of[F, Option[(R, F[Unit])]](Some(v))
} yield new ResourceProxy(state)
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