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Geonames cities to mongoDB thing

#Generate cities data

  1. wget
  2. unzip
  3. node geonames.js cities15000.txt

The result is json array of cities in the following format:

	_id: <ID>
	name: <Name>,
	alternate_names: [<alternatename1>,…],
	coordinates: [<Latitude>, <Longitude>]

#Import to MongoDB

mongoimport -d db_name -c cities cities.json --jsonArray
var fs = require('fs')
, _ = require('underscore');
var filename = process.argv[2];
if (!filename) {
console.log('File not found');
var cities = fs.readFileSync(filename).toString().split("\n");
cities.pop(); // empty element
var processedCities =, function(city) {
var data = city.split('\t');
var names = data[3].split(',');
return {
_id: Number(data[0]),
name: data[1],
alternate_names:, function(name) {
return name.toLowerCase();
coordinates: [Number(data[4]), Number(data[5])]
fs.writeFileSync('cities.json', JSON.stringify(processedCities));
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