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$.fn.select2.amd.define('select2/data/extended-ajax',['./ajax','./tags','../utils','module','jquery'], function(AjaxAdapter, Tags, Utils, module, $){
function ExtendedAjaxAdapter ($element,options) {
//we need explicitly process minimumInputLength value
//to decide should we use AjaxAdapter or return defaultResults,
//so it is impossible to use MinimumLength decorator here
this.minimumInputLength = options.get('minimumInputLength');
this.defaultResults = options.get('defaultResults');,$element,options);
//override original query function to support default results
var originQuery = AjaxAdapter.prototype.query;
ExtendedAjaxAdapter.prototype.query = function (params, callback) {
var defaultResults = (typeof this.defaultResults == 'function') ? : this.defaultResults;
if (defaultResults && defaultResults.length && (!params.term || params.term.length < this.minimumInputLength)){
var data = { results: defaultResults };
var processedResults = this.processResults(data, params);
else {, params, callback);
if (module.config().tags) {
return Utils.Decorate(ExtendedAjaxAdapter, Tags);
} else {
return ExtendedAjaxAdapter;
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