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Created Mar 12, 2020
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This was developed on 03/12/2020 during the ALS hackathon for the COSMIC beamline.
from ophyd import PVPositioner, EpicsSignal, EpicsSignalRO, Component as Cpt
class ALSMotor(PVPositioner):
setpoint = Cpt(EpicsSignal, 'ao-MO:DVAL')
readback = Cpt(EpicsSignalRO, 'ai-MO:DRBV')
stop_signal = Cpt(EpicsSignal, 'bo-MO:STOP')
stop_value = 1
done = Cpt(EpicsSignalRO, 'bi-MO:DMOV')
done_value = 1
sample_translate = ALSMotor('BCS701:SampleTranslate:', name='sample_translate')
sample_top = ALSMotor('BCS701:SampleTop:', name='sample_top')
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