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Created Oct 4, 2016
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#lang racket
;; A computer program tells a computer what to do
;; A computer program is made up of "code"
;; "Code" is different instructions that you can give the computer
;; For example, if you want the computer to add two numbers together,
;; you can ask it like this:
(+ 10 10)
;; When you run some code by pressing the green arrow
;; It will tell you the answers in the box below. Like this:
(- 10 5)
;; The way you write code is by first telling the computer WHAT you want it to do
;; And the things you want it to do it with. You make a list, and the computer
;; knows what to do with the list.
;; The stuff between the "(" and the ")" is a list. Here's a list of the people
;; in our family:
'("opal" "asa" "mike" "maya")
;; You can also ask the computer things about a list of words. Like,
;; "what is the first name in the list?"
(first '("opal" "asa" "mike" "maya"))
;; You can also ask it "what is the last name in the list?"
(last '("opal" "asa" "mike" "maya"))
;; You can also ask it "How long is this list?"
(length '("opal" "asa" "mike" "maya"))
;; You can also store the list and give it a special name
;; Like this:
(define family '("opal" "asa" "mike" "maya"))
;; Now that I have given the list a name, I can use that name instead of typing
;; the list over and over again, like this:
;; I can also use 'family' the same way that I used it above, like this:
(first family)
;; Our computer programs are written in Racket. We have a helper named "Dr. Racket"
;; who runs our programs for us. We can ask Dr. Racket questions, like "is the list
;; '("opal" "asa" "mike" "maya") the same as 'family'
(equal? family '("opal" "asa" "mike" "maya"))
;; In Racket, #t means 'true' and #f means 'false'
(= 1 2)
(= 100 100)
;; What if we wanted to store more than the names of the people in our family?
;; How would we also store their ages?
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