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Automatically add a scene to your Build Settings when you create or save the scene. Scenes that are ignored will not re-prompt for the current session.
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
// docs:
public class BuildSceneProcessor : UnityEditor.AssetModificationProcessor
private const string DIALOG_TITLE = "Add to Build Settings?";
private const string DIALOG_MSG = "Add to build settings for inclusion in future builds?";
private const string DIALOG_OK = "Yes";
private const string DIALOG_NO = "Not now";
private static List<string> ignorePaths = new List<string>();
public static void OnWillCreateAsset(string path)
if (path.EndsWith(".unity.meta"))
path = path.Substring(0, path.Length - 5);
ProcessAssetsForScenes(new string[] { path });
public static string[] OnWillSaveAssets(string[] paths)
return ProcessAssetsForScenes(paths);
private static string[] ProcessAssetsForScenes(string[] paths)
string scenePath = string.Empty;
foreach (string path in paths)
if (path.Contains(".unity"))
scenePath = path;
// NOTE: add more logic here if you want to filter for certain paths.
if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(scenePath) && !ignorePaths.Contains(scenePath))
// unity only saves the paths that you return here, so we always pass through everything we received.
return paths;
private static void AddSceneToBuildSettings(string scenePath)
List<EditorBuildSettingsScene> scenes = new List<EditorBuildSettingsScene>(EditorBuildSettings.scenes);
// only bother adding scenes we don't have already.
foreach (EditorBuildSettingsScene scene in scenes)
if (scene.path == scenePath)
if (EditorUtility.DisplayDialog(DIALOG_TITLE, DIALOG_MSG, DIALOG_OK, DIALOG_NO))
EditorBuildSettingsScene newScene = new EditorBuildSettingsScene();
newScene.path = scenePath;
newScene.enabled = true;
EditorBuildSettings.scenes = scenes.ToArray();
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