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A couple of scripts to remove merged git branches into master. I did not write them, but lost the source :(
git branch -d $( git branch --merged | grep -v '^\*' | grep -v 'master' )
#/ Usage: clean-merged-branches [-f]
#/ Delete merged branches from the origin remote.
#/ Options:
#/ -f Really delete the branches. Without this branches are shown
#/ but nothing is deleted.
set -e
# show usage maybe
[ "$1" = "--help" ] && {
grep '^#/' <"$0"| cut -c4-
exit 0
# fetch and prune remote branches
git fetch origin --prune
# grab list of merged branches
git branch -a --merged |
grep remotes/origin/ |
grep -v /master |
sed 's@remotes/origin/@@'
# bail out with no branches
[ -z "$branches" ] && {
echo "no merged branches detected" 1>&2
exit 0
# delete the branches or just show what would be done without -f
if [ "$1" = -f ]; then
git push origin $(echo "$branches" | sed 's/^ */:/')
echo "These branches will be deleted:" 1>&2
echo "$branches"
echo "Run \`$0 -f' if you're sure."
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