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Snippet for doing auto-pagination of a DynamoDB scan with an async generator in NodeJS
import { DocumentClient } from "aws-sdk/lib/dynamodb/document_client";
export async function* autoPaginateScan<I extends DocumentClient.AttributeMap>(
docClient: DocumentClient,
params: DocumentClient.ScanInput
) {
while (true) {
const data = await docClient.scan(params).promise();
if (data.Items && data.Items.length) {
const items = data.Items as I[];
yield* items;
if (data.LastEvaluatedKey === undefined) {
params = { ...params, ExclusiveStartKey: data.LastEvaluatedKey };
type Item = { id: string; name: string; description?: string };
const itemSeq = fullScanSeq<Item>(docClient, {
TableName: "items",
FilterExpression: "attribute_not_exists(#d)",
ExpressionAttributeNames: { "#d": "description" }
for await (let item of items) {
console.log(`item: id=${}, name=${}`);
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mrcoles commented Mar 29, 2021

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