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Automate loading of F-Script Anywhere into any app.
By Daniel Jalkut - @danielpunkass -
Revision 0.2 by Marco Fabbri - @mrfabbri -
To set up:
0. Make sure you have FScript.framework installed in /Library/Frameworks (
1. Copy this script to ~/.lldb/
2. Add the following to your ~/.lldbinit file:
command script import ~/.lldb/
To use:
1. Attach to a process e.g. by "lldb -n TextEdit"
2. Type "fsa" to load an initialize F-Script Anywhere in the context of the app.
2b. Type "fsac" to show F-Script Console (optional, useful in case the app does
not have a menu bar).
3. Type "c" to continue execution of the target app.
def handleCommands(debugger, cmds):
for cmd in filter(bool, map(str.strip, cmds.split('\n'))):
def someFun(somethingFunny):
print somethingFunny
def loadFSA(debugger, args, result, internal_dict):
handleCommands(debugger, '''
expr (void) [[NSBundle bundleWithPath:@"/Library/Frameworks/FScript.framework"] load]
expr FScriptMenuItem *$menuItem = [FScriptMenuItem alloc]
expr (void) [$menuItem init]
expr (void) [[[NSApplication sharedApplication] mainMenu] addItem:$menuItem]
def showConsole(debugger, args, result, internal_dict):
handleCommands(debugger, '''
expr (void) [$menuItem openObjectBrowser:nil]
expr (void) [$menuItem showConsole:nil]
def __lldb_init_module(debugger, dict):
handleCommands(debugger, '''
command script add -f fsa.loadFSA fsa
command script add -f fsa.showConsole fsac
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