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Pokes for trade from MrflipMrflip


I don’t super care about shinies, so I'd be happiest with a trade that improves my raid team while either filling a hole in your pokedex or improving your team. Please let me know what shiny/legacy/legendaries/L1’s you hoping to acquire/improve -- but I would strongly prefer not do a 40k trade (see bottom for which trades those are).

For casual players: If you don't have much in your pokedex, I would like to help improve it and do not need you to improve mine. I can offer the following:

  • L20 Dragonite, Bite Tyranitar, Machamp, Lick Gengar
  • Carnivine, Heracross, Farfetch'd, Safari/Santa Pika, Flower eevee, happiny, budew, bonsly, other hard-to-find.
  • L20 Giratina-O and Giratina-A, Rayquaza, Heatran, Palkia, Dialga, L15 Raikou, Entei
  • L30+ machop, roselia, larvitar, chimichar, bagon, eevee, meditite.

I will help make sure the trade is a strict improvement to your collection. I would enjoy any of the recent dragon-type legendaries, ralts, rhyhorn, or electabuzz/elekid, but even an eevee or a junk pokemon I haven’t luckied is fine.

Swap for same, Special Trade, In order of preference:

  • Non-shiny legendaries: L32 shadowball mewtwo; L25 dialga, giratina-origin, palkia; L20 Rayquaza
  • Shiny Legacies: L20 Lick Gengar, L35 & L29 Outrage Salamance, l28 & l29 meteor mash metagross, l32 Smackdown tyranitar, L25 AP mamoswine, l27 larvitar, l27 bagon, l12 LR vaporeon, tons of shiny LR eevee, L29 HC blastoise, L34 Blast Burn Charizard, L34 LR espeon, L21 LR jolteon, L21 LR flareon, low-level machop.
  • Shiny Legendaries: L20 Shiny Articuno, Sky Attack Moltres, Thunder Shock Zapdos, Latios, L20 Ho-Oh; L25 Ho-Oh. (I can only do one these for the same back: a 40k stardust is too much for me)

Swap for same, non-special trade, In order of preference:

  • High-level (L30+) Lick Gengar, Outrage Salamance, Meteor mash metagross, Avalanche mamoswine. I would also trade L20 Lick Gengar for highish-level Riolu, Ralts, Cranidos, Electabuzz, Mudkip, or Shieldon.

My shiny or rare for your meta, special trade, In order of preference:

  • Shiny, mostly low-level, of: charmander, caterpie, shellder, cloyster, eevee, dratini, cyndaquil. totodile, blast burn typhlosion, natu, mareep, pinsir, granbul, piloswine, larvitar, treecko, poochyena, aron, plusle, minun, roselia, wailmer, altaria, snowrunt, clamperl, bagon, beldum
  • Non-shiny event pokemon: pikachu’s and eevee’s in various costumes.
  • Non-shiny legacy curiosities: Wing Atk/Twister Pidgeotto, Thunder Shock/Thunder Raichu, Zen Headbutt/Psyshock Hypno, Zen Headbutt/Psychic Exeggutor, Vine Whip/Power Whip Tangela, Water Gun/Blizzard (horsea), Poison Jab/Megahorn and PJ/Ice Beam Seaking, Steel Wing/Night Slash Scyther.

In return I’d ask for non-shiny but L25 Dialga, Giratina-Origin, Groudon, Lugia, Kyogre, Rayquaza (in order of preference). I have a Level 1 shiny totodile but I’d ask for something else on the side.

Trade Cost Summary

  • For my Shiny Legendary Pokemon…
    • 800 if you also have or had the shiny version
    • 40,000 if you have never possessed the shiny or regular version.
  • For my Non-shiny legendary…
    • 800 if you have/had the shiny or regular.
    • 40,000 if you have never possessed the shiny or regular version.
  • For my shiny non-legendary:
    • 800 if you have/had it as shiny or non-shiny, even if mine has a legacy move or a costume.
    • 40,000 if you have never possessed the shiny or regular version.
  • For my non-shiny non-legendary:
    • 800 if you have never possessed one of these in any form, even if mine has a costume or is an alternate form
    • 800 if it has a costume you’ve never had (pikachu hat, flower eevee)
    • 800 if it is alolan and you’ve never had the alolan version
    • 800 if it is an alternate form you’ve never had (spinda number, castform version, etc)
    • 100 if you have had the alolan but not the regular
    • 100 otherwise, even if it has a legacy move or a costume.

Legacy moves and level do not affect trading cost.

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