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Created April 10, 2023 18:49
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FOSS track rules
To receive the prize money, any Indian national who has a valid bank account.
What you can work on
A new FOSS app, tool, or library.
An alternative to any existing popular app or service.
Extending and improve an existing project or library.
Design projects: Redesign of an existing FOSS application.
Open hardware.
What you should (probably) not work on
An app or project that extensively uses proprietary service or API.
Yet another Keras model on available datasets.
A simple CRUD application.
License: Must have a valid Free and Open Source license.
Communication: A well written README and video demo are important. These will determine the first round of elimination. Before your code is reviewed, the quality of your README will be. Please be concise in explaining what your project does, how to install it, test it, and use it. Similarly, write concise and meaningful commit messages that show the progression of the project.
Completeness: Applications must be complete and working.
Design and aesthetics: If you are making a user interface, try and ensure that they are clean, modern, and usable.
Timeframe: The project must be reasonably built within the given timeframe. The judgement of the jury will be final in this.
Credits: If you are using existing code, make sure you credit it. Plagiarism, which is all too common unfortunately, is strictly not appreciated.
Demo Video: Participants must submit a video demo before the clock ends (uploaded on YouTube or any other platform that is accessible to us). Restricted to 3 mins.
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