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mrintrepide /
Last active November 21, 2022 22:19
Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT2 bluetooth latency test on linux
Codec Latency (ms)
Wired Radeon (jack from DisplayPort screen) 93
Wired ALC4080 (jack from motherboard) 117
SBC-XQ Low Latency 151
SBC Low Latency 151
AAC Low Latency 217
LDAC 271
SBC 275
SBC-XQ 286
mrintrepide / VP9 Encode
Last active March 21, 2023 01:21
VP9 Encode Guide (ffmpeg, libvpx-vp9, vpxenc)
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VP9 encode is very very slow ?
Yes and no. Unlike x265 use all core to speed up encode time, the low threaded libvpx-vp9 use for me 4 core of my Ryzen 3900X. Encode 4 video in the same time -> x4 "boost".

Quality (Unconstrained)

Force dynamic bitrate with b:v 0
Set quality level with -crf <quality level> is a integer (0 to 63)
libvpx use -deadline and ffmpeg -quality need to be set to good.

mrintrepide /
Last active November 21, 2022 13:57
MakeMKV (libmmbd) for VLC, HandBrake and Kodi - Windows 32/64 bit - bluray playback

No longer useful

In MakeMKV, in "View", "Preferences" and Integration you can enable builtin system dll integration.
If apps are not listed, just enable System32 (and SysWOW64 for 32bit app on 64bit system) it work.

mrintrepide / AV1
Last active March 17, 2023 20:29
AV1 quick encode with SVT-AV1
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SVT-AV1 is the fastest multithreaded AV1 encoder
You can download up to date BtbN ffmpeg build with latest STV-AV1 code.

Aom-av1 is the official av1 decoder/encoder but it's the slowest and lacks of a real massive multithreading.
Rav1e is a xiph encoder project. It's also very slow but you can use multithreading with tiles.
Dav1d is a veryfast AV1 VLC decoder project.

Svt-av1 is an heavy multithreading intel decoder and encoder. It produce good quality but bigger file size.
It can produce 8 and 10 bit video with CRF (default), CQP, VBR and CBR (test).
Two pass are also available with standalone SvtAv1EncApp but not in ffmpeg.

mrintrepide / Wayland
Last active March 26, 2023 15:06
Wayland Native Games Compatibility List
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Game Wayland Engine Info
Aragami no Unity SDL2: crash
Baba Is You no Multimedia Fusion 2 SDL2: crash
Bastion yes* FNA-XNA SDL2 preload mouse KO, xbox pad OK
BattleBlock Theater® no - SDL2: crash
Besiege no Unity SDL2 : no effect
BioShock Infinite yes* Unreal Engine 3 SDL2 preload
BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien no - SDL2: crash
Black Mesa yes* Source SDL2 preload