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Plot VTK with matplotlib
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import numpy as np
import vtk
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def load_velocity(filename):
if not os.path.exists(filename):
return None
reader = vtk.vtkPolyDataReader()
data = reader.GetOutput()
# Extracting triangulation information
triangles = data.GetPolys().GetData()
points = data.GetPoints()
# Mapping data: cell -> point
mapper = vtk.vtkCellDataToPointData()
mapped_data = mapper.GetOutput()
# Extracting interpolate point data
udata = mapped_data.GetPointData().GetArray(0)
ntri = triangles.GetNumberOfTuples()/4
npts = points.GetNumberOfPoints()
nvls = udata.GetNumberOfTuples()
tri = np.zeros((ntri, 3))
x = np.zeros(npts)
y = np.zeros(npts)
ux = np.zeros(nvls)
uy = np.zeros(nvls)
for i in xrange(0, ntri):
tri[i, 0] = triangles.GetTuple(4*i + 1)[0]
tri[i, 1] = triangles.GetTuple(4*i + 2)[0]
tri[i, 2] = triangles.GetTuple(4*i + 3)[0]
for i in xrange(npts):
pt = points.GetPoint(i)
x[i] = pt[0]
y[i] = pt[1]
for i in xrange(0, nvls):
U = udata.GetTuple(i)
ux[i] = U[0]
uy[i] = U[1]
return (x, y, tri, ux, uy)
x, y, tri, ux, uy = load_velocity('U_test-plane.vtk')
plt.tricontour(x, y, tri, ux, 16, linestyles='-',
colors='black', linewidths=0.5)
plt.tricontourf(x, y, tri, ux, 16)
plt.rc('text', usetex=True)
plt.xlim([0, 0.1])
plt.ylim([0, 0.1])
plt.gca().tick_params(direction='out', which='both')
plt.title('$\mathsf{Cavity\ tutorial,\ u_x}$')
plt.savefig("cavity-ux.png", dpi=300, bbox_inches='tight')
plt.savefig("cavity-ux.pdf", bbox_inches='tight')

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@mrklein mrklein commented Sep 22, 2015


And this is the result


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@ponzer007 ponzer007 commented Nov 13, 2015

Helpful, thanks


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@tacio-bicudo tacio-bicudo commented Mar 2, 2018

Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

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