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Google Sheets Script to Remove Events from a MongoDB Database
* Delete the events from the Calendar and remover the eventID Reference from the sheet - wipeout.
function removeEventsFromMongoDB() {
var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var sheet = spreadsheet.getSheetByName("Events");
var headerRows = 1; // Number of rows of header info (to skip)
var range = sheet.getDataRange();
var numRows = range.getNumRows();
var data = range.getValues();
for (var i=headerRows; i<numRows; i++) {
// Cells are 1 indexed
var eventIdCell = range.getCell(i+1, columns.event_id+1);
// Make a POST request with form data.
var formData = {
'name': data[i][columns.desc],
'location': data[i][columns.loc],
'date_start': data[i][columns.date_start],
'date_end': data[i][columns.date_end],
'status': data[i][columns.status],
'owner': data[i][columns.owner],
'type': data[i][columns.type],
'event_id': data[i][columns.event_id]
var options = {
'method' : 'post',
'payload' : formData
var insertID = UrlFetchApp.fetch('', options);
eventIdCell.setValue(""); // Insert the new event ID
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