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@@ -397,11 +421,15 @@
$itemVar['body'] = preg_replace_callback($delim_expr, array(&$this, '_convertDelim'), $itemVar['body']);
$itemVar['more'] = preg_replace_callback($delim_expr, array(&$this, '_convertDelim'), $itemVar['more']);
if( $stripbr ){
$itemVar['body'] = preg_replace("/([\r\n])/","$1",$itemVar['body']);
$itemVar['more'] = preg_replace("/([\r\n])/","$1",$itemVar['more']);
+ // mrmt
+ $itemVar['body'] = $this->unfold($itemVar['body']);
+ $itemVar['more'] = $this->unfold($itemVar['more']);
echo preg_replace("/(\r\n|\n|\r)/m", "\n", mb_convert_encoding( $tpl->fill($entryTpl, $itemVar, null), 'UTF-8', _CHARSET

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@mrmt mrmt commented Mar 8, 2016

NucleusからWordPressへ移行 - なんか:かんがえて-6

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