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""" Tiny example for BNL showing multi-actor control """
from dask.distributed import Client, get_client, Variable, fire_and_forget
import numpy as np
import time
import random
def get_image_from_detector():
""" Collect image from detector, actually just produces random image """
return np.random.random((2000, 2000))
def collect_from_beam():
""" Long running task to collect images from beam continuously """
client = get_client()
while True:
delay = sleep_time.get()
local_image = get_image_from_detector()
remote_image = client.scatter(local_image, direct=True)
result_1 = client.submit(process_1, remote_image)
result_2 = client.submit(process_2, remote_image)
merged_result = client.submit(process_3, result_1, result_2)
save_raw_image = client.submit(save_to_database, remote_image)
save_final = client.submit(save_to_database, merged_result)
fire_and_forget(save_raw_image) # Make sure to run these tasks
fire_and_forget(save_final) # even if we have moved on locally
# Some generic processing functions
def process_1(img):
time.sleep(random.random() / 2)
return img
def process_2(img):
time.sleep(random.random() / 2)
return img / 10
def process_3(img_1, img_2):
time.sleep(random.random() / 2)
return img_1 + img_2
def save_to_database(img):
if __name__ == '__main__':
client = Client('localhost:8786')
sleep_time = Variable()
# Long running tasks that feed images into the cluster
futures = [client.submit(collect_from_beam, pure=False, workers='beam-1'),
client.submit(collect_from_beam, pure=False, workers='beam-2')]
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mrocklin commented Jul 14, 2017

To set up local cluster do the following:

dask-worker localhost:8786 --name beam-1
dask-worker localhost:8786 --name beam-2
dask-worker localhost:8786 --nprocs 5

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