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Created August 5, 2010 22:05
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python client for a Hudson instance
A Python interface to a Hudson instance.
Please contribute!
* submit bugs/patches/requests via
* email with bugs/patches/requests
* fork the Gist and request a pull:
* remove dep on BeautifulSoup in getTestFailuresForJob, use /api/python instead
* eliminate wget shell call in createJob via native urllib[2]
import re
import urllib
import urllib2
import commands
def sanitize(arg):
"""Sanitize an argument to put in a shell command."""
return arg.replace("\"", "\\\"").replace("$", r"\$").replace("`", r"\`")
class HudsonInstance:
def __init__(self, hudsonUrl):
self.URL = hudsonUrl
def escapeUrl(self, url):
for char in ":# ":
url = url.replace(char, "_")
return url
def getAbsoluteUrl(self, relativeUrl):
# Take care of proper url joining.
if not (self.URL.endswith("/") or relativeUrl.startswith("/")):
relativeUrl = "/" + relativeUrl
return self.URL + self.escapeUrl(relativeUrl)
def read(self, url, postVarDict=None):
if postVarDict:
postVarDict = urllib.urlencode(postVarDict)
fullUrl = self.getAbsoluteUrl(url)
return urllib2.urlopen(fullUrl, postVarDict).read()
def readJob(self, job, url, postVarDict=None):
return"/job/%s/%s" % (job, url), postVarDict)
def build(self, job, parameters="", token=None):
url = "/build"
if parameters:
url += "WithParameters?%s" % parameters
if token:
url += "&token=%s" % token
elif token:
url += "?token=%s" % token
self.readJob(job, url)
def isJobBuilding(self, job):
return "<building>true</building>" in self.readJob(job, "/lastBuild/api/xml")
def getLastBuildNumberForJob(self, job):
contents = self.readJob(job, "/lastBuild/")
last ="Build \#(\d+)", contents).groups()[0]
last = int(last)
return last
def getTestFailuresForJob(self, job, buildNumber=None):
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulStoneSoup
if buildNumber is None:
buildNumber = self.getLastBuildNumberForJob(job)
testResultXml = self.readJob(job, "/%s/testReport/api/xml" % buildNumber)
except urllib2.HTTPError:
return None
soup = BeautifulStoneSoup(testResultXml)
failures = []
for test in soup.findAll("case"):
if test.status.contents[0] not in ["PASSED", "FIXED"]:
test.AGE = int(test.age.contents[0])
test.CLASS = test.classname.contents[0]
test.NAME = test.find("name").contents[0]
return failures
def getConsoleTextForJob(self, job, build="lastBuild"):
return self.readJob(job, "/%s/consoleText" % build)
def getConfigForJob(self, job):
"""Read and return the config.xml of the specified job."""
return self.readJob(job, "/config.xml")
def getDescriptionForJob(self, job):
return self.readJob(job, "/description")
def setDescriptionForJob(self, job, description):
return self.readJob(job, "/description", {"description": description})
def createJob(self, job, config, build=False, buildToken=None):
"""Given a name and a config.xml, create a new Hudson job, optionally triggering a build."""
url = self.URL + "/createItem?name=%s" % job
cmd = 'wget --header="Content-Type: text/xml" --post-data="%s" -O - "%s"' % (sanitize(config), url)
status, output = commands.getstatusoutput(cmd)
if status or "200 OK" not in output:
raise Exception("wget failed for %s: %s" % (job, output))
if build:, token=buildToken)
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