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Last active August 23, 2023 21:17
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Veracode custom HMAC request signing algorithm (used for API authorization)
var crypto = require('crypto');
const id = process.env.API_ID; // your API ID, reading from environment variable
const key = process.env.KEY; // your API key, reading from environment variable
const preFix = "VERACODE-HMAC-SHA-256";
const verStr = "vcode_request_version_1";
var resthost = ""; // rest host
var xmlhost = ""; // xml host
var hmac256 = (data, key, format) => {
var hash = crypto.createHmac('sha256', key).update(data);
// no format = Buffer / byte array
return hash.digest(format);
var getByteArray = (hex) => {
var bytes = [];
for(var i = 0; i < hex.length-1; i+=2){
bytes.push(parseInt(hex.substr(i, 2), 16));
// signed 8-bit integer array (byte array)
return Int8Array.from(bytes);
var getHost = (xml) => {
if (xml) {
return xmlhost;
return resthost;
var generateHeader = (url, method, xml) => {
var host = getHost(xml);
var data = `id=${id}&host=${host}&url=${url}&method=${method}`;
var timestamp = (new Date().getTime()).toString();
var nonce = crypto.randomBytes(16).toString("hex");
// calculate signature
var hashedNonce = hmac256(getByteArray(nonce), getByteArray(key));
var hashedTimestamp = hmac256(timestamp, hashedNonce);
var hashedVerStr = hmac256(verStr, hashedTimestamp);
var signature = hmac256(data, hashedVerStr, 'hex');
return `${preFix} id=${id},ts=${timestamp},nonce=${nonce},sig=${signature}`;
module.exports = {
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This still works as of yesterday.
A few things to check

  1. Is your ID and API key still valid?
  2. Did you generate a token for every request?
  3. Is your account authorized to call the API endpoint you are trying to access ?

If you are sure none of them is the issue, you probably need to post your code for me to help you

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Thank you for reaching back. It worked as is. Thank you!

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Ah glad to see it worked out!

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Hi @mrpinghe Im trying to use this and kinda confused on
"Then in command line

$ export API_ID=YOUR_API_ID_VALUE && export KEY=YOUR_KEY_VALUE && node test.js"

I cant seem to get it to work as i paste it in my terminal and get this error Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'export'

$ export
$ export

What am I doing wrong?

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mrpinghe commented Mar 4, 2023

@falcond20 could you paste a screenshot of your terminal showing how you ran the command and the output, with your ID and Key values redacted?

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falcond20 commented Mar 5, 2023

Here is the screenshot @mrpinghe

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mrpinghe commented Mar 5, 2023

Ah PowerShell. You want to use Set-Variable to set those variables I believe (I'm not too familiar with PowerShell)

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FYI - For those interested in using the Web Crypto API (e.g. browser) instead of the Node.js Crypto module, (based on @mrpinghe work here)

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