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Created July 15, 2020 13:16
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Sample mopidy.conf file for MagPi tutorials
# Make sure the web interface can be accessed by the local network
hostname =
# Direct audio to the DAC, not HDMI
output = alsasink
# The File extension isn't of much use, so we can disable it
enabled = false
# If enabled, this adds support for M3U playlists
enabled = false
# Location of local music
media_dir = /home/pi/Music
# Replace with the information given when you authorise
# then add in you Spotify username and password
username = <Spotify username>
password = <Spotify password>
client_id = <Client ID>
client_secret = <Client secret>
# Getting to many results in TuneIn? Add this so you only get stations.
filter = station
# Once authorised, add the provided token here
auth_token = <Auth token>
# Most extensions are enabled by default. You must explicitly enable YouTube.
enabled = true
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