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Martin Zlámal mrtnzlml

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mrtnzlml / sx.generated.css
Created Jul 9, 2021
CSS generated by SX ( on a more complex page (Abacus BO - products grid)
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.hECNM {
--sx-error-lighter: 247, 212, 214;
._4wLsl0 {
--sx-error-light: 255, 26, 26;
._4Coem6 {
--sx-error: 238, 0, 0;
.zPcsP {
mrtnzlml / store-with-id.json
Created Feb 6, 2020
Internal structure of Relay store. Notice the difference for "AllHotelAvailabilityHotel" type. First JSON is an example of AllHotelAvailabilityHotel WITH GraphQL ID and second JSON shows how is it being stored when such ID doesn't exist.
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"client:root": {
"__id": "client:root",
"__typename": "__Root",
"allAvailableBookingComHotels(search:{\"checkin\":\"2020-02-13\",\"checkout\":\"2020-02-15\",\"cityId\":\"SG90ZWxDaXR5Oi0zNzI0OTA=\",\"roomsConfiguration\":[{\"adultsCount\":2}]})": {
"__ref": "client:root:allAvailableBookingComHotels(search:{\"checkin\":\"2020-02-13\",\"checkout\":\"2020-02-15\",\"cityId\":\"SG90ZWxDaXR5Oi0zNzI0OTA=\",\"roomsConfiguration\":[{\"adultsCount\":2}]})"
"client:root:allAvailableBookingComHotels(search:{\"checkin\":\"2020-02-13\",\"checkout\":\"2020-02-15\",\"cityId\":\"SG90ZWxDaXR5Oi0zNzI0OTA=\",\"roomsConfiguration\":[{\"adultsCount\":2}]})": {
"__id": "client:root:allAvailableBookingComHotels(search:{\"checkin\":\"2020-02-13\",\"checkout\":\"2020-02-15\",\"cityId\":\"SG90ZWxDaXR5Oi0zNzI0OTA=\",\"roomsConfiguration\":[{\"adultsCount\":2}]})",
View poem.txt
Once upon a time,
you join a company and you have to rhyme.
This story begins at the end of last year,
when I was in Mexico and changing career.
Pipedrive seemed to be quite a good choice,
but I also had to hear my internal voice.
Should I go or should I stay,
mrtnzlml / cmdParser.js
Created Oct 24, 2019
WIP (well, abandoned)
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// @flow strict
function terminate(help, error) {
console.error('%s\n\n%s', help, error);
* Goal of this parser is to create less awkward tool for working with command line. You just
* have to write a help screen and the rest is responsibility of this parser.
mrtnzlml / slack.js
Created Sep 30, 2019
Downloading Slack emojis
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import fs from 'fs';
import path from 'path';
import fetch from '@kiwicom/fetch';
// See:
import { emoji } from './emoji.json';
(async function() {
for (const [name, link] of Object.entries(emoji)) {
const downloadLink = link;
mrtnzlml /
Created Aug 16, 2019
Facebook monorepo reverse engineering
fbandroid/xplat/yoga/BUCK							# xplat ??

fbobjc/VendorLib/IGListKit/src/					# Instagram
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// @flow strict
import isObject from './isObject';
// Inspiration (modified and fixed stability):
* @see
* @see
mrtnzlml / graphql-1.txt
Last active May 1, 2019
GraphQL Summit 2017 in San Francisco
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GraphQL at massive scale
- IBM cloud = node micro services (30+ teams) - separate codebases
- frontend need to fetch data from multiple endpoints (bad documentation) - it’s a inconsistent mess
- graphql centralize this - grapnel microservice (single endpoint), documentation included
- data sources (schema + resolvers + model + connector) = plugin (independent GitHub repo)
- GrAMPS Middleware (schema stitching)
- extended error messages (GUID, documentation links
- datasource starter kit (strong starting point for new data sources)
- GitHub: grapms-graphql/gramps-express (based on Apollo server) - MIT licence - GraphQL Apollo Microservice Patterns Server

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