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OCId Incubation README


OCId implements the kubernetes Container Runtime Interface to support OCI compatible runtimes for the kubelet.

Use cases:

  • Provide easy integration for OCI compatible runtimes with the kubelet.
  • Provide pluggable image management and storage management functionality.

Details of the various aspects of this work have been discussed here: Work done so far is here:

Here is a rough roadmap with timelines:

  • 1 month: Basic pod/container lifecycle, basic image pull (already works)
  • 2 months: Support for tty handling and state management
  • 2.5 months: Basic integration with kubelet once client side changes are ready
  • 3 months: Support for log management, networking integration using CNI, pluggable image/storage management
  • 4 months: Support for exec/attach
  • 6 months: Target fully automated kubernetes testing without failures


  • Vishnu Kannan


  • Dawn Chen


  • mrunalp (Mrunal Patel)
  • runcom (Antonio Murdaca)
  • yujuhong (Yuju Hong)
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